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Is The Pickle Sandwich The Next Big Trend?

Do you like extra pickles on your sandwich?  How about MOSTLY pickles? How about a sandwich that uses big pickles instead of bread, making it a pickle sandwich. We all know that over eating carbs wreaks havoc on your diet and blood sugar, making losing weight more difficult. If you are someone on a low-carb diet than you know the struggle of finding a replacement for good old bread on a sandwich. A low carb roll is almost impossible to find and if you do find one, they never taste that great. On a pickle A Long Island deli called Seven Brothers Gourmet recently added a "Pickle Sandwich" to the menu . . . a hoagie with a pickle as the bun.  (Here's a photo.) They slice a pickle lengthwise.  Then they scoop out the middle to make room, and stuff it with meat, cheese, lettuce, bacon, and whatever else you want. They started selling it in January.  But it only blew up a few weeks ago after someone posted about it on TikTok.  (Here's the video.) They're not even the first to do it.  Another deli an hour east of them was already selling a pickle sandwich.  But they didn't get the TikTok boost.  The owners of Seven Brothers say they're currently selling about 250 of them a day, with lines out the door. They're easy enough to make yourself.  So, could pickle sandwiches be the trendy food this summer? If so, you will need some really big pickles, the type they sell at really good delis. The kind that come in big jars that need to fished out with a fork. It seems that they should be a good dill type that will give you a tangy taste, which is preferable to more sweet pickle. The only question I have is, do you add pickles to a pickle sandwich or is that over-dill? Get it? (Gothamist / News12)

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