Antiques Roadshow has been surprising people (both in a good way and a crushing way) for years. Could you be the next Garage Sale Millionaire? If you’ve come across something interesting, maybe! Antiques Roadshow is bringing their appraisal show to Massachusetts and here’s everything you need to know about it:

The show will be taping on June 13th in Sturbridge, MA
Attendees can bring up to 2 items for appraisal
This is only the 4th time the show will ever tape in Massachusetts

You have to sign up for the opportunity at free tickets to the taping where you could become super-duper rich off that dusty… uhhh…. thing you just found under the stairs in the basement. I’ll put the link so you can sign up (deadline is March 13, 2023) AFTER we give you some motivation – These are the 10 Most Surprising Finds on Antiques Roadshow USA: