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To celebrate Banner 18, here’s a playlist with a song for each of the Celtics Championship years, from 2024 back to 1957.

2024 is the year the Celtics finally landed that elusive Banner 18, with a decisive NBA Finals win over the Dallas Mavericks in five games. Winning it all on 6/17/24 was a nice callback to the team’s last Championship clincher on 6/17/08.

Sixteen years between trophies is a long time to wait for Celtics fans. And five years between duckboat parades is a long time to wait for Boston sports fans. But the rally is rolling. And as we celebrate, it’s important to have a soundtrack and context.

Celtics Championship Years: A Staggering Stretch

The Boston Celtics won their first Championship in 1957. They defeated the St. Louis Hawks in seven games behind the coaching of Red Auerbach and the play of future Hall of Famers Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, and Tommy Heinsohn.

From there, the team dominated the late ’50s and the entirety of the ’60s, winning 11 titles in 13 seasons. The Celtics had well-documented stretches of dominance in the mid ’70s and mid ’80s as well. And who can forget that magical 2008 season?

Celtics Championship Years: A Sonic Celebration

So how do you soundtrack a 67-year span? Well, when you’re ROCK 92.9, you go back to each one of those victory years and find a song that rocks. Some songs will capture the spirit of their particular year, others will be Celtics-centric.

I’m going to start with the current year and work my way back. And as a lifelong Celtics fan and Boston rock DJ for over 25 years, I’m going to add some personal flourishes where it makes sense. I hope you enjoy the music and the trip down memory lane.

  • 2024

    We’ll start with some Green Day for Gang Green. The band released their new album Saviors in January of 2024; here’s a track we’ve been playing on ROCK 92.9. Because now that the Celtics have won it all, Banner 18 feels like a no-brainer.


  • 2008

    I have fond memories of the ’08 playoff run. I was the midday host at the late, legendary Rock of Boston, WBCN. That meant I got to broadcast live during all the victory parade debauchery as it rolled down Boylston St. No rest for the wicked indeed.

  • 1986

    The ’86 Championship. Sweet 16. Bird, Parish, McHale, DJ, Ainge, Walton. A basketball sledgehammer. One of the greatest Celtics teams ever.

  • 1984

    A seven-game nailbiter that was the high point of the Celtics-Lakers rivalry of that era (for Celtics fans, at least). Gotta go with something from 1984 to celebrate 1984, right?

  • 1981

    Bird, McHale, and Parish. Tiny Archibald. Cedric Maxwell as Finals MVP. Some ’82 Gang Green for the ’81 Gang Green.

  • 1976

    Another Boston band for another Boston Celtics Championship. After winning it all in ’74, then missing the Finals in ’75, the Cs were Back in the Saddle in ’76.

  • 1974

    As you’ve probably figured out by this point in the playlist, if I have the opportunity to feature a Boston band, I’m going to feature a Boston band. So some ’74 J. Geils for the ’74 Champs.

  • 1969

    That strange 1969 Final where Jerry West was named MVP…even though the Lakers lost to the Celtics. Talk about an Oddity.

  • 1968

    Now that we’re traveling back in time to the ’60s dynasty years for the Celtics, I’ll do my best to add some real ’60s classic to the playlist. Like “Born To Be Wild.”

  • 1966

    Another Celtics-Lakers seven-game classic. Russel, Havlicek, Jones and Jones leading the charge for the Green. Good vibes all-around.

  • 1965

    A funny thing happened on the way to the ’65 Finals: Havlicek stole the ball. So let’s pause the music and pay tribute to an all-time Celtics moment.

  • 1964

    By the time the ’64 Finals rolled around, the Celts had won it all five years running. This made six (of what would eventually be eight). That’s a reason to dance in the street.

  • 1963

    What song do I choose to celebrate ’63? I’ve already had a Beach Boys track. So it’s gotta be the Beatles.

  • 1962

    This best-of-seven battle between the Celtics and the Lakers was a special one: it was decided in OT in Game 7. And it was a victory for the Green.

  • 1961

    A notable year not for the Celtics, but for the team they beat. The Hawks franchise hasn’t made it back to the Finals since losing to the Celts in ’61. That’s crazy.

  • 1960

    The Celtics kicked off their magical decade of the ’60s with a seven-game victory over the aforementioned St. Louis Hawks. This year would be the last year the Finals were played in the month of March. So a last dance for 1960 it is.


  • 1959

    Back in ’59, the Lakers played in Minneapolis. This was the first meeting in the Celtics-Lakers rivalry, and the Celtics swept ’em in four. Murdered ’em like Stagger Lee.

  • 1957

    The last year on our playlist. The first year the Celtics won a Championship. We’ll end it all with The King.

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