Newton, Massachusetts Most Haunted Place!

Newton has the most historical homes per capita in Massachusetts so you'd think it would be a hotbed of ghostly paranormal activity - however - it really is not. There's not really too many published accounts of hauntings in and around Newton, but there is one pretty well-known Newton ghost story - "The Benevolent Spirit of Mrs. Woodman." A family purchased a gorgeous Victorian home in Newton in the early 2000's. They spent much time and money bringing the old home back to glory. Soon after finally moving in, the family's five-year-old daughter began telling them stories about her new friend, "Mrs. Woodman," who lived on the third floor and wore long flowy dresses. At first the family was skeptical, tall tales from a young child, especially considering she told her family that Mrs. Woodman traveled around by floating slightly above the ground. Great imagination. Or was it? After doing some research the parents found out that a Mr. and Mrs. Woodman had indeed lived at the residence in the late 1800's. All details the daughter shared turned out to be true, proven by public records. She knew the Woodmans had seven kids among many other facts seemingly passed to the child "from the other side." The 140-something year old Victorian is on Highland Avenue in Newton. So if you're driving Highland Ave. and you get hit with a quick cold burst... you may have just driven through poor Mrs. Woodman out for a little neighborhood stroll. The appearances slowed way down after the family's first 5 years in the house but there are signs that the Woodmans are still there: the dishwasher and TVs around the house still occasionally flip on and off without anyone around. Speaking of haunted places in New England, let’s shift gears from the REAL haunts to the less real but still REAL scary haunts. These are the 7 scariest haunted houses in New England. Some might be a lengthy road trip but if you’re a scare or thrill fanatic, the tank of gas to get there might be worth it. Alright boys and ghouls, let’s go get scared! [select-listicle listicle_id="1051041" syndication_name="the-7-scariest-haunted-houses-in-new-england-and-the-3-scariest-in-the-country" description="no"]

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