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Don’t feel too bad about decking your halls with bows of lights. It’s more expensive everywhere, not just Massachusetts. However it is getting more expensive,and per usual, Massachusetts costs even more. But we aren’t the most expensive, so…there’s that.

According to housemethod.com, the national average cost of running Christmas lights in 2022 is $16.48. What does that include? The number is based some of the  most popular items purchased at The Home Depot. Here’s exactly what we are working with:

  • Three to five sets of hanging icicle lights that are 13.25 feet each
  • Two sets of string lights that are 28.8 feet each for columns and entryways
  • Two 6-foot inflatable yard decorations

As the article states, “The price associated with each state is the total cost to power lights from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.”  That’s the good news. For about the cost of a craft cocktail in the city, you are lighting up your holiday! The bad news is the national average is about 13% higher than last year. And New Hampshire and Massachusetts are quite a bit higher in percentage than that.

Let’s break it down, Santa’s little helpers.

  • New Hampshire had the largest percent increase (40%) in the cost of running Christmas lights from 2021 to 2022
  • Massachusetts holiday revelers will pay an average of $27.03 this year. That’s up about 20% over last year, which comes to $4. 53 more than last year.
  • Rhode Island‘s average this year is only up 9%. They will pay $18.07 to light up the season.
  • The top five most expensive states for Christmas lights:  Hawaii -#1 at $38.46.  New Hampshire is #2-at $27.85.  California is #3 at $27.65.  Massachusetts is #4 at $27.03, and Connecticut is #5 at $27.01.

FYI: Using LED lights will save you bigtime! LED Christmas tree lights offer an average of around 88% energy savings!

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