This beer garden on Cohasset serves a ton of local beers!

I’ve found it! The Ultimate Fusion of Local Brews, Fresh Oysters, and Vibrant Atmosphere. It’s at Split Rock Beer Garden in Cohasset.

Nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Cohasset, Massachusetts, lies a hidden gem that effortlessly captures the essence of coastal living. It’s a sophisticated beer garden! Split Rock Beer Garden offers a tantalizing blend of locally brewed beers and freshly shucked oysters. This haven of indulgence is more than just a place for fancy people! This beer garden is a perfect destination for families, fun-seekers, and anyone looking to savor the finest of local flavors. They also have live music that fills the air!

Craft Brews: A Taste of Cohasset

One of the standout features of this Split Rock Beer Garden is its commitment to showcasing local breweries and their exceptional craft beers. With each sip, you embark on a journey through the region’s rich brewing heritage, immersing yourself in the distinct flavors and aromas that define each unique beer.

Whether you’re a fan of hop-forward IPAs, smooth and malty stouts, or refreshing wheat beers, there’s a brew for every palate. From the crisp, citrusy notes of a coastal pale ale to the complex, robust profiles of a rich porter, every beer is a testament to the passion and expertise of local brewers. As you sit back, relax, and savor each sip, you become a part of the Cohasset community, supporting the local economy and celebrating the artistry that goes into every pint.

Split Rock beer garden beer list

There’s local beers on tap and in the cans at Split Rock Beer Garden.

Freshly Shucked Oysters: A Seafood Lover’s Delight

No coastal experience is complete without indulging in the ocean’s bounty, and Cohasset’s beer garden goes above and beyond to offer an exquisite selection of freshly shucked oysters. With a commitment to sourcing from local oyster farmers, these plump, briny delicacies take center stage on the menu, tantalizing taste buds with their remarkable freshness and flavor.

As you savor each oyster, you can’t help but appreciate the care and precision that goes into the shucking process. These oysters are a testament to the dedication of local oyster farmers, who work tirelessly to cultivate their oyster beds, ensuring the highest quality harvests. From delicate Sunken Meadows to robust Wellfleets, the variety of oysters available caters to both the seasoned connoisseur and the curious newcomer alike, inviting everyone to embrace the taste of the sea.

split rock oyster bar

Split Rock Beer Garden also has an oyster bar where they shuck local New England Oysters!

Vibrant Atmosphere: Where Fancy Meets Fun

While Cohasset’s beer garden may exude an air of sophistication, it is far from exclusive to the “fancy” crowd. In fact, this coastal paradise embraces families and fun-seekers with open arms, providing a vibrant atmosphere that invites laughter, merriment, and shared experiences.

Live music is an integral part of the beer garden’s charm, adding a lively soundtrack to your culinary adventure. Whether it’s the soulful melodies of a local acoustic artist or the infectious rhythms of a lively band, the music enhances the ambiance and sets the stage for an unforgettable evening. Families can revel in the joyous atmosphere while children dance and play on the expansive outdoor lawn, creating lasting memories of carefree summer nights.

Split rock beer garden

This beer garden on Cohasset serves a ton of local beers!

Split Rock beer patio

Catch some tunes and enjoy a glass of beer at the beer garden.

Split rock beer garden patio

There are plenty of brand new picnic tables at the beer garden with umbrellas to shun the rain or the shine

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