Bill Belichick left a note to the New England Patriots fans. He thanked them for 24 amazing years. The full page ad was printed on Sunday's Boston Globe Newspaper.

In New England, the bond between athletes and fans is special, and over the years, many athletes have taken out full-page newspaper ads to thank their most devoted supporters.

Boston is steeped in sports history. This city has witnessed so many iconic moments, celebrations, wins and yes, even tears. And there seems to be a heartwarming trend that’s emerged. When an athlete or coach retires, they take out a full-page newspaper ad. Several prominent sports figures in Boston have done this. They do it to express their sincere thanks to the passionate fans who have stood by them through thick and thin.

As a fan of the Celtics and Patriots, I will say, I have had many fond memories watching the teams over the years. One that stands out is watching the Celtics beat the Lakers in 2008 to win the NBA National Championship. That’s when they had Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Piece, Kendrick Perkins, Brian Scalabrine, and Rajon Rondo. That team was unstoppable. Their 2008 win is still etched in my mind.

A Tradition of Appreciation

The tradition of athletes expressing gratitude to their fans is not new. But there is something uniquely genuine about the recent outpouring of appreciation in Boston. Many athletes, coaches and sports organizations have chosen the written word to convey their deepest thanks.

The decision to take out full-page newspaper articles is in many ways symbolic. It reflects a desire to connect with the community on a deeper level. By choosing traditional print media, these athletes are acknowledging the timeless and tangible connection newspapers offer. Newspaper clippings last forever. People can frame newspaper articles. Unlike a social media post, fans can hold on to a newspaper clipping forever if they want to.

The impact of these heartfelt messages extends beyond sentimentality. They reinforce the idea that the relationship between athletes and fans is a reciprocal one. It’s a relationship that’s built on shared victories, defeats, and countless memorable moments. By publicly expressing their gratitude, these sports figures strengthen the bond with their fan base, fostering a sense of unity and pride that transcends the playing field.

The Most Iconic Full Page Newspaper Ads Taken Out By Boston Sports Figures:


  • Bill Belichick Most Recently

    On February 4, 2024, Bill Belichick took out a full page ad in the Boston Globe. It was a letter addressed to Patriots fans everywhere. My favorite quote from the goodbye is when he said, “Nowhere in America are pro sports fans as passionate as in New England and for 24 years, I was blessed to feel your passion and power.”

    The newspaper letter ended with Coach Belichick writing in all capital letters “THANK YOU ALL” and finished “with respect and admiration” and his signature.

    No, no Bill. Thank YOU! We will miss you here in New England.

    Ben Volin on Twitter: "Page A3 of today's @BostonGlobe: A thank you letter from Bill Belichick to fans. Tremendous / Twitter"

    Page A3 of today's @BostonGlobe: A thank you letter from Bill Belichick to fans. Tremendous

  • Robert Kraft Bought One For Tom Brady IN TAMPA!

    This was legendary. But Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, bought a full page ad in the Tampa Bay Times. It was a “thank you” to Tom Brady. Tom had just left the Patriots for the Buccaneers. Here’s part of what the letter said. “Thank you, Tom, for your countless contributions to the New England Patriots, and we wish you and your beautiful family continued success.”

    Kraft ended the letter by saying, “To the Buccaneers fans and Tampa Bay community=take care of him. You got a great one.”

    Kraft family to Brady in Tampa Bay Times newspaper ad: 'THANK YOU TOM'

    The Kraft family purchased a full-page advertisement in Sunday's Times. See it in full here.

  • Josh McDaniels Took Out An Ad When He Was The OC For The Pats

    Josh McDaniels spent 21 years with the Patriots as their offensive coordinator. He left in 2022 to take a head coaching job with the Raiders. In his letter to New England fans he wrote, “Two decades here have given me a magnificent wife, 4 magnificent kids and 6 Super bowl rings. Through school carpools, club sports, my kids’ friendships, Nor’easters, the pandemic and my crazy schedule, you’ve always been there for us. You drew a perfect picture of what ‘HOME’ for an NFL football coach should be.”

    Josh McDaniels bids farewell to Patriots, calls fans 'the epitome of resilience and the definition of support' - The Boston Globe

    McDaniels acknowledged what he called the "3 goats" he had a chance to work with in Belichick, Kraft, and Brady in his 21 years with New England, but he saved some of his fondest words for Patriots' fans, both on and off the field.

  • Ray Allen Thanked Celtics Fans When He Left For Miami

    In 2012, Ray Allen left the Boston Celtics to go to the Miami Heat as a free agent. But before he left Boston he wrote a heartfelt letter in the Boston Globe. In the ad he wrote, “We have loved living in this city, being members of the Celtics family and being part of your community. These memories will be cherished forever.”

    He ended the letter with, “From my heart, THANK YOU Boston for this incredible journey.”

    Ray Allen thanks Celtics fans with full-page newspaper ad

    Ray Allen thanked Boston fans for his five years in the city and "an incredible journey." (Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images) Without question there are some

  • Celtics Took Out Their Own Ad To Thank Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce

    On the other hand, the Boston Celtics organization took out a full page ad to thank two of their star players- Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. In 2013, Pierce and Garnett were traded to the Brooklyn Nets. It was a move that shocked Bostonians. The full page ad was short and to the point. It read in poem form:

    Thank you/For your heart/For your passion/For your sacrifice/For Playing through the pain/For bleeding green/For honoring tradition/For an amazing ride/For restoring Celtic Pride/For banner 17

    Celtics thank Paul Pierce, KG with full-page ad in Globe

    The Celtics have offered a public thanks to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett with a full-page ad in Friday's Boston Globe sports section.

  • Red Sox Honored Big Papi

    In 2016, David Ortiz played his final game as a Red Sox. And man, didn’t he give us some incredible years? The Red Sox organization took out a full page ad. It was short and sweet with a photo of the back or Ortiz’s jersey. Part of the thank you read, “Over 116 seasons, nearly 2000 players have worn a Red Sox uniform. You stand alone. You carried a team on your back & a city in your heart.”

    LOOK: Red Sox take out newspaper ad thanking David Ortiz

    Big Papi's about to play his final regular season home game

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