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Winter is coming!

First Significant Snowfall Hits Boston

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You can feel it in your bones, the leaves have pretty much all fallen at this point in early November, we had a nice surprise warm up that saw temps soar into the 70’s and we made the most of it while we could, opening our windows for probably the last time till April or May. We all knew it was a fleeting gift that would be gone too soon.


Farmers Almanac Predictions

Winter temperatures will be below normal. The coldest periods will be in early December, early and late January, and most of February. The snowiest periods will be in early to mid-January, late January, and late February. April will be cooler and drier than normal. This is according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.


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AccuWeather is now out with their 2022- 2023 forecast and they’re predicting Boston will see about the same, maybe even a little less snowfall as last year.

The folks at AccuWeather say, “Snowfall for this winter could run a little bit below average, expected to run from 40-to-50-inches. The average snowfall around 49 inches in the Boston area, last year we picked up 54 inches of snow, so snowfall expected to run just a little below average here.”


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“The biggest driver here are the warm oceanic temperatures in the western Atlantic right now, this will likely lead to a warm start of the winter. A lot of that precipitation backloaded into the second half of this winter.”  “Other things that drive the winter, La Niña, which also helps to shift the weather pattern. We could see most of the snow shift more inland here than previous winters.”

With that inland snow shift, comes the potential for some excellent skiing. AccuWeather reporting New Hampshire and Vermont could see the best skiing in the east this year with the rest of New England potentially seeing slightly higher snowfalls than last year.

Bottom line

Predictions are mostly saying we will have a warmer start to winter with less snow than last year and as we get into the heart of winter in Mid Jan to March we will be getting most of the snow accumulations but still less than last year.

Of course, less snow is not going to make skiers and snow lovers happy, but folks who look at snow as more of an unwanted guest this might be good news.

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