Have you ever wondered what occupations are considered the most attractive of all? Most people would probably say doctor, lawyer, athlete, rock-star, actor or even reality tv star. All of these jobs pay extremely well if successful of course, but what if money was not a factor?

You then might guess professions like police officer, fire fighter or anyone who wears a uniform and perhaps a badge. These occupations are all admirable and vital to our health and well-being but, they typically don’t pay a lot of money.

When you see a super successful person with a seemingly beyond their appeal significant other, let’s take former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick for instance. It was revealed last week that the 72 year old is in a relationship with a 24 year old woman. Yes, that is certainly young enough to not only be his daughter, but perhaps his granddaughter.

Now, what do you suppose she sees in him? A cynical person would say, she sees dollar signs. For Bill, I don’t think that it would take a deep thinker to understand what he sees in her. Is he reliving his youth and grasping for one last chance to be with a young attractive lady?

Let’s just say that the relationship works for them, we will see where it goes from here.
What if Bill was just an average 72 year old man without the fame, do you think she would even give him more than a passing glance?

What are the most attractive occupations that don’t pay?

People on social media are talking about the “most attractive” occupations . . . assuming the SALARY wasn’t a consideration.

The most-liked response was the “t-shirt cannon guy” at sporting events, which begs the question:  Is this “most attractive” for potential significant others . . . OR just most attractive for YOU to do?  People seemed to use both definitions.

Here are some other highlights from the list:

  • 5. Pro Bono Veterinarian

    Veterinarian checking out beagle dog

    Everyone loves a vet, unless you have to pay a bill from one. You know that vets have a true love for animals and hopefully that will spill onto mankind as well.

  • 4. Quality Hammock Tester

    Happy couple enjoying a hammock together
    Who doesn’t love a hammock? Is there a better job for someone who enjoys a lazy summer day than a hammock tester? For one thing, you know that they are a super chill person for sure.

  • 3. Freelance Musician

    rock band jamming on stage
    Everyone loves a musician especially one that gets paid a lot of money, but let’s be honest the term “struggling musician” is probably more appropriate. Still, musicians are always welcome at any gathering, so pass the hat.

  • 2. Forest Ranger

    Buck in the field
    There’s something about a forest ranger that appeals to people, maybe it’s because of their love for the wild and wildlife. It is a solitary life for most rangers and that’s part of the appeal for people.

  • 1. Traveling Food Critic

    Woman getting food from a food truck
    This occupation has so much appeal because of all the obvious reasons, travel and food and hopefully in wonderful exotic places. Even if they don’t make a lot of money, the experiences will be very enriching.

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