Bob Bronson

New Dating Trend Is Letting Your Friends Pitch You To Strangers

If you're single and looking to really mingle, than this new dating trend might be exactly what you've been looking for. Perhaps online dating hasn't worked out that swell for you. Maybe you're tired of having to come up with pithy things to say about yourself in your profile. If you're tired of the hassle of meeting up with someone that you met online only to find that they are no where near what you expected them to be. Mainly because they lied a bit on their profile and their picture was a tad bit on the dated side. Let's face it, dating in 2024 is a big hassle. You have to sift through online profiles like you're looking to hire the right person for the job. Most people can be accused of exaggerating on their resume during a job interview, so you know for sure that they will embellish their life and how "datable" they are on their dating app profile. People will lie about everything from their age to their height even though both of these will soon be discovered upon meeting in person. This is why people are looking for alternatives to online dating but not wanting to go back to the old fashioned way of having your friends and family set you up with someone. Lord knows that never worked out for anybody. What if instead of having your friends set you up, why not have them "pitch" you to a room full of singles looking for someone too? A whole new dating trend is being "pitched" Could this be a better way to find "the one" than boring online dating?  A group in L.A. called The Next Fun Thing throws regular dating events where your friends can get up on stage and PITCH you to a crowd full of singles. They do a fun PowerPoint on why it's insane you're still single.  Then there's a party where everyone gets to mingle.  Their next event is this Saturday.

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