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This week’s 12 Inch Poll has gone do the dogs. Or cats, actually. It’s the simple question of cats or dogs, but with a Massachusetts twist. has this story on whether Massachusetts is a “cat state” or a “dog state.” The story centers on this time2play survey that puts forth the question: “Do you live in a cat state or a dog state?” As you’d expect, the survey asks the 3,000-plus respondents if their preferred pet is a cat or a dog. What you might not expect, however, is that Massachusetts landed in the cat category. Or shall I say, “cat”-egory?


Cats or Dogs in New England?

Interestingly, New England bucks the survey’s national trend of a fifty-fifty split: 25 “cat states” and 25 “dog states.” Here in New England, Massachusetts is joined by New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut in the “cat”-egory. (Sorry; it’s a dumb joke, but I think its’ funny). Vermont and Rhode Island are decidedly dog states according to time2play’s numbers. There’s a whole social media aspect to the survey, too, but for the sake of this week’s 12 Inch Poll, we’re skipping that part and focusing simply on cats or dogs.


Let’s get to the Poll, then!

OK, OK, hold your horses. Or cats. Or dogs. You can cast your vote for cats or dogs below. Or, if you prefer another pet, you can choose “another pet.” Or, if you have no pets, you can choose “no pets for me, thanks.” See how that works? Nice and easy. It’s cats for me, by the way. I grew up with cats in the house and I have one now. Her name is Luna; that’s her picture up above. I have to clean her litter box, but in my mind that’s much easier and not nearly as gross as following a dog around and picking its poop up off the ground with my hands. You dog people are nasty.