Tool has inspired an unexpected wholesome moment captured in a now-viral video.

Shared by YouTuber Mom of Five, the video below aptly titled “My baby loves heavy metal!” features a toddler in Batman pajamas dancing around to “Invincible” from Tool’s latest studio album Fear Inoculum. If there was an award for “Cutest Metalhead,” this kid would be a serious frontrunner along with Jason Momoa, of course.

As someone who has no desire to birth children, I’d pop out at least one baby if I could be guaranteed they would always be this cute and I wouldn’t have to change any diapers or adjust my sleep schedule. Basically, I want a nanny that would be cool with doing literally all of the grunt work while I do the fun stuff. Wait…I’m already an aunt, and this is my life now. Nevermind! Mission accomplished!


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