Metallica Was So Loud at the Download Festival, They Could Be Heard Miles Away

Metallica headlined the Download Festival last night (June 8), and their set was so loud, it could be heard miles away. According to local outlets Derbyshire Live and Nottinghamshire Live, residents in neighboring towns near the festival's location in Donington Park were able to hear Metallica's set. Some of these towns were up to 15 miles away from the festival. In fact, some local police stations received noise complaints. Some residents quoted by the outlets said they normally don't hear the festival. However, Download is using an upgraded sound system this year. Also, many suspect the strong winds near and around the festival carried the noise much farther than usual. Of course, not everyone minded the noise. Derbyshire Live quoted someone who lives near the festival saying, "My head is out the window listening to it. This is epic. The greatest metal band in the world and you're hearing it for free. Appreciate it." [select-gallery gallery_id="427571" syndication_name="metallica-all-songs-ranked-worst-to-best" description="no"]

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