Ozzy Osbourne and his “No More Tours II” tour ran into snags due to the metal icon’s health issues even before the coronavirus pandemic derailed everyone’s touring plans, but it looks like he’s eyeing a 2022 return to the stage.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne gave an interview to U.K.’s Planet Rock, and Sharon said, “Ozzy’s tour has been rebooked. The British tour, he’ll be back in [20]22. You know, we just carry on as normal. We’ve been doing loads of TV shows here and you’ve got to just keep going until Ozzy can go back live. He’s in the studio right now doing a new album!”

Ozzy added, “When they do get the vaccine and people do start going [to gigs], can you imagine how many tours are going to be out at once?!”

Sharon followed up and said, “Well that’s the thing right now. No, honestly, you got it right because everybody’s booking their tours again for like 2022, and to find availabilities right now, it’s crazy! Agents and facilities are going nuts, trying to get everybody back. It will be exciting. I think it will be a very exciting time when bands do go back and it’ll be joyous.”

“Joyous” might be a massive understatement.

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