It’s finally happened: Someone has created a Tool LEGO set.

The set popped up on LEGO’s Ideas website where building enthusiasts pitch ideas to the brand in the hopes their sets will get enough support and me manufactured and sold by LEGO.

The Tool set idea came from user blocksandmocs who wrote, “Tool have accompanied me throughout my life, as a meaningful and Integral part in the soundtrack of my life, to this day and on…When I published these models in social-media it achieved high interest and request to purchase. I was gladly surprised to find out that even among music fans who are not regular LEGO buyers the interest was high.”

The powers over at LEGO will put the set under “expert review” once the set reaches 10,000 supporters. Currently, the Tool LEGO set has just under 2,000 supporters. If you want to try and make the Tool LEGO set a purchasable reality, you can support the project at

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