Keith Urban and his wife, Nicole Kidman, caught a recent show of iconic heavy metal band Iron Maiden, and he couldn’t have raved more on socials.

Keith posted to Instragram last night, “To the entire @ironmaiden team- where do I begin?……. You were ALL beyond hospitable- and quite honestly it was a surreal dream come true for me (us) to meet you guys- AND then when u hit the stage….???- HOLY SH-T…… I told Nic “you wanna see THE MASTERS?- here they are”… and you delivered an ATOMIC EXPLOSION of EVERYTHING that makes you THE GREATEST. The playing- the arrangements- the set list- the sound, the lighting- EDDY!!!!- and BRUUUUUUUUCE- good God man- you’re super human. ALL HAIL THE MATCHLESS, THE PEERLESS IRON MAIDEN. – KU”

Meanwhile, tonight (8/21) in Nashville, Urban is slated to perform at the ACM Honors.