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We ALL use Google Search, right? Not gonna lie. I LOVE year end recaps and reviews. So when I found the TOP Boston Google Search 2022, I grabbed my Au Bon Pain croissant sandwich and went to Google search heaven.

What would we do without Google? How did we live without it? It’s so easy to find info FAST, using out smart phone voice search. I mean how many times a day do we hear: Google, what’s the weather? Google, what’s Wordle? Google who is Pete Davidson dating at this exact moment? 

When I saw the list, I caught myself saying: what? That was LAST YEAR? 

Ok, enough examples! What did we search for last year? I promise, when you see the search you may say: OMG, that was me. Gas near me, pizza near me, weed….ah….that’s not me. Not judging. 

Direct from Google, let’s take a look at the TOP Boston Google Search 2022!

  • #10 Concerts Near Me

    Yes, we’ve all done this. But maybe it’s for local, LIVE music, like at a pub, with dudes singing Billy covers?

  • #9 Movies Playing Near Me

    I haven’t seen it yet. You?

  • #8 Estate Sales Near Me

    Of course this is the #8 most searched in Boston. We all have an extra $500 K to plow into real estate.

  • #7 Pilates Near Me

    Don’t think my wife would let me attend this class

  • #6 Cheap Gas Near Me


    Not Wellesley

  • #5 Pickleball Near Me

    The Boston, MA area was one of only 2 places that had pickleball as a top trending “near me” search. The other was the Philadelphia, PA area 🏓

  • #4 Prom Dresses Near Me


  • #3 Oil Prices Near Me

    Winter is here

  • #2 CHEAPEST Gas Near Me

    Not to be confused with #6

  • #1 Gas Prices Near Me

    Joe, this is what Boston is searching for, pal.

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