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Released April 29, 1989.

Welcome to another edition of Today in Boston ROCK, where I, Adam 12, spotlight Very Important Days In Rock History. April 29th is one.

  • 1981

    April 29, 1981: Van Halen releases their fourth full-length, Fair Warning. We dug a little deeper into the album last year for its 40th anniversary.

    4 Fast Facts: Van Halen’s ‘Fair Warning’ Turns 40
  • 1989

    April 29, 1989: Tom Petty releases his first solo effort, Full Moon Fever. It’s one of the most difficult releases to rank songs on because every damn one of them is a gem and just about half of the songs on the album were released as singles. That didn’t stop us from trying, though.

    ‘Full Moon Fever’: Every Song Ranked
  • 2000

    April 29, 2000: Smashing Pumpkins headline the Tsongas Arena in Lowell. I was there, and I wrote a bit about it for the 20th anniversary.

    20 Years Ago, the Smashing Pumpkins Rocked the Tsongas Arena
  • Bonus Beats!

    April 29, 1992: There was a riot in the streets. Tell me: where were you?