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The best Halloween candy is once again up for debate for this week’s 12-Inch Poll, as spooky season is in full swing in New England.


Maybe you’re pilfering a few pieces from the bowl before (and during and after) the trick-or-treaters hit your house. Or maybe you’re ransacking your kid’s stash while they’re in their post-Halloween sugar coma. Or maybe you don’t need an excuse: you just love Halloween candy. No matter the scenario, there are certain sweets of the season you love more than others, right? I actually asked this question last Halloween on the ROCK 92.9 Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. I took the Top 10 responses and put them into this week’s Poll.


Naturally, any discussion about the best Halloween candy is bound to devolve into a discussion about the worst Halloween candy. Fear not: we took that topic on in last week’s 12-Inch Poll. For this week, we’re keeping it positive and playing favorites. Now, that’s not to say one of your favorite candies might not have made my list. No worries; just hit the those ROCK 92.9 social links I shared above and take me to task. I have a feeling, though, that once you see the list, you’ll find a few of your favorites on there.


The Best Halloween Candy: 12-Inch Poll

OK, enough grabbassing. Let’s grab a few fistfuls of Halloween candy. There’s good news and bad news, by the way. Bad news: the candy is all “fun-sized.” Sorry; Halloween rules. The good news? I found some throwback commercials for each of the candy brands. It’s always fun to see how ad execs market to kids, right? So scroll through my Top 10, vote for your favorite, then pass the link along to your friends so they can do the same. Oh, and save me a peanut butter cup. Thanks.

  • Almond Joy

  • Butterfinger

  • Kit Kat

  • Milky Way

  • Nestle Crunch

  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

  • Skittles

  • Snickers

  • Twix

  • 100 Grand

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