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This Terrifying Stranger Things Decoration Is The Scariest of the 2023 Season!

Move over, life-sized skeleton: The scariest Halloween decoration is here and it's the most terrifying of the 2023 season And it's about to sell out. Yes, just when you thought dead bodies, skeletons and front lawns turned into cemeteries was freaky enough, Walmart is selling a life-sized "Stranger Things" Demogorgon. For $400, you could buy the 7.5-foot-tall monster from the hit Netflix series. Oh, and it's animated. Which means every child under ten will cry and run away. We think we can christen it the the Scariest Halloween Decoration of the year. But $400? Can you really put a price on terrifying every man, woman and child who walks past your house for the next two months? For those who don't know: A Demogorgon is like a science experiment gone VERY wrong in the Upside Down, a freaky parallel world. This thing's got a petal-face that's not for giving flowers, but for munching on people. Seriously, dental hygiene is not its strong suit. It's not into long walks on the beach, unless you're its snack. This monster's got a nose for trouble and can sniff out humans like we're delicious, walking hot dogs. Plus, it can open portals between its creepy realm and ours, like an unwelcome guest who never leaves. You can blame those sneaky government experiments for inviting it to the Hawkins party. Basically, it's like the town's worst Airbnb guest, wrecking the place and leaving goo everywhere. In a nutshell, the Demogorgon is the show's way of saying, "Hey, what if your worst nightmares had a baby?" It's the poster child for "stranger danger," and every time it shows up, you know things are about to get wild, gooey, and seriously upside down. If you aren’t already decorating, you should probably get on that soon because all the best (scariest) yard decorations are going to sell out any day now. Here's the link.  

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