“Robby Roadsteamer Returns” sounds like a blockbuster summer movie sequel from the ’80s. But it’s not. It’s much better.


Last spring, Hardy wrote about how Robby Roadsteamer wants to bring back the Boston music scene. Since then, the local character has been all over Boston, proclaiming in his gravely voice all the things he wants to “make shitty again.” Boston sports, the Boston Garden, Harvard Square…you name it. And you’ve probably seen it, as the clips have been all over TikTok and Instagram.


Again, if you’re you’re not familiar with this Robby Roadsteamer character, here’s a primer to wise you up. Created by Peabody native Rob Potylo, Robby broke in as the lead singer of the Boston band The Sweatpant Boners in back in 2001. The Boners featured another pair of North Shore legends, too: Ken Susi of Unearth and Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage.


In 2004, Robby Roadsteamer the band debuted with the album Okay Computer., following up a year later with 2005’s The Heart of a Rhino. Robby and the band made it all the way to the Rock & Roll Rumble Finals in 2005, where he lost in a heartbreaker. I actually wrote about it in my “Great Moments in Rock & Roll Rumble History” piece that you can read here.


Robby Roadsteamer Returns to the Kowloon, Harvard Square

After leaving the Boston music scene for California, Robby has returned to Boston. And it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. He keeps pestering me to put him back on the radio, and I just might have to one of these days. In the meantime, I’m keeping tabs on his antics, and you can, too. He’s on Instagram and pretty much every other social platform. I’ve pulled a few of his more choice clips as of late and shared those below. Oh…ah, ah, ah, ah!

  • Boston Calling

    Yes, Robby covered Boston Calling. Even though they didn’t let him in.

  • Boston Sports

    “Make Boston sports shitty again?” My guy, they already are!

  • Boston Garden

    He does make a good point: C’s & B’s early playoff exits don’t mean jack.

  • The Kowloon

    I’m not even joking: Robby and his dad need to be in the upcoming Kowloon doc.

  • Harvard Square

    Harvard Square is better when it’s shittier.


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