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Mass Beer Week runs from March 4 through March 11, 2023. There are 7 days in a week. You can probably see where I’m going with this.


I can’t remember where I first heart about Mass Beer Week. It was at some point in time over the weekend, probably on the way to or on the way home from New Hampshire. I spent Saturday at Crotched Mountain with my 14-yr-old. We have a standing date on the first Saturday of March every year. We shred the gnar at Crotched: me on my snowboard, him on his skis. Then we grab dinner at Alberto’s Italian Restaurant in Bennington. “Best Food By a Dam Site.” Best food, period. So good.


But I digress. Because I was kicking around in the Granite State, I missed the first day of Mass Beer Week. The Mass Brewers Guild sets aside one week every year to celebrate local craft beer. This year, it’s March 4 through March 11. That’s this week! They even have special Mass Beer Week pint glasses to mark the occasion this year. You can see what those look like and get a list of breweries where you can pick one up right here.


It’s Mass Beer Week. Here Are 7 Breweries You Need to Visit

Speaking of lists of breweries, I’ve gone ahead and made my own to share with you. I know we’re a few days into this year’s celebration. And I know technically this year’s celebration actually spans eight days and not seven. Smart move: you get two Saturdays in that way! But seven breweries just feels right to me. I’ll give you a bunch more when we bring back Boston’s Brewery Battle later this year. In the meantime, take a spin through my list, and maybe pick a favorite or two to patronize this week. Cheers!

  • 1) Idle Hands

    Idle Hands Craft Ales, Malden

    My favorite local brewery. I love their taproom in Malden, but you can also find them at the wonderful Common Craft space at the Burlington Mall.


  • 2) Vitamin Sea

    Vitamin Sea Brewing, Weymouth

    They won our Boston Brewery Battle back in 2020, just a year after they opened. That should tell you how popular they are on the South Shore.

  • 3) Tree House

    Tree House Brewing Company, Charlton

    Maybe the most popular brewery in the Commonwealth, currently. They just opened a new space in Tewksbury, too.

  • 4) Widowmaker

    Widowmaker Brewing Co., Braintree

    The beer is fantastic, yes. But the taproom is one of the best hangs you’ll find south of the city.

  • 5) Lord Hobo

    Lord Hobo Brewing Company, Woburn

    Yes, Lord Hobo boasts multiple locations now in and around the city. But I encourage you to pay them a visit in Woburn. And get some pizza with your pint.

  • 6) Notch

    Notch Brewing, Salem

    The main taproom is one of the jewels of the North Shore. But you can also sample all Notch has to offer in Brighton.

  • 7) Dorchester Brewing

    Dorchester Brewing Company, Dorchester

    A fave of the ROCK 92.9 crew back when our studios were just a stone’s throw away from their taproom.