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They’ll name a street after anyone or anything these days. So how about bands? We need some Boston rock roads!


The subject for this week’s 12-Inch Poll came to me earlier this summer, when Beastie Boys Square finally became a reality in New York City. Granted, that’s a square, not a street. And that’s by design, as it’s meant to mark the intersection immortalized on the cover of the 1989 album Paul’s Boutique. We’re not talking squares in NYC for this week’s poll, though. We’re taking it to the streets of Boston.


I’ve singled out ten of the greatest rock bands to ever come out of our city. And while I haven’t chosen what street I’d rename after them, I have shared some ideas. They’re nothing groundbreaking, just mostly riffing on alliteration: Aerosmith Ave., Boston Blvd., etc. But why not have an entire street in Boston named after a Boston rock band, right? Cripes, Mayor Walsh had a damn Godsmack Day back in 2014. So who’s to say Mayor Wu wouldn’t be open to, say, renaming Deerfield St. in Kenmore Square SSD Street or Bosstones Byway in honor of the Rat and the Boston punk scene?


Boston Rock Roads

Here’s where you come in. Down below, you’ll scroll through the ten Boston rock bands I’ve chosen to be part of this week’s 12-Inch Poll. Then, you’ll vote for your favorite. It’s that simple. Now, if you make your way through the list and you think I’ve left off a Boston band more worthy of this type of tribute, by all means let me know. The ROCK 92.9 Facebook is here, and our Twitter is here. Sound off. Likewise, if you have a more clever street name you’d like to share, I’m all ears. Just make sure you vote. Oh, and look both ways before you cross Lemonheads Lane.

  • Aerosmith Avenue

  • Boston Boulevard

  • The Cars Circle

  • Dropkick Murphys Drive

  • J. Geils Greenway

  • Lemonheads Lane

  • Mighty Mighty Bosstones Byway

  • Pixies Place

  • Billy Squier Square

  • SSD Street

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