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I wasn’t planning on writing a Foo Fighters Boston Calling review, but here I am on Saturday morning doing exactly that.


I blame my friend Jon. He’s a New Hampshire native and the biggest Foo fan that I know. The stars aligned for Jon: the Foo made their triumphant live return in his home state, and he was on hand for the show. He texted me from his seat on Wednesday night and I quickly texted back: “Don’t tell me any set list stuff. I wanna be surprised on Friday.” His reply the next day? “I’m so excited for you to see Foos tomorrow so I can freely talk about my experience last night, haha.”


Now that the Foo Fighters Boston Calling headlining set has come and gone, we’re texting on a Saturday morning. And I’m still processing what’s fast become one of the most amazing live music experiences of my life. This might come across as melodramatic, but it’s a minor miracle that Foo Fighters even took the stage last night. Taylor Hawkins is gone, and his absence was certainly felt.


It’s clear as day that Dave Grohl is still hurting. And who wouldn’t be? In Hawkins, he lost his friend, co-writer, and bandmate. It’s an act of bravery that he’s back on stage, doing it. Yes, it’s his “job to scream,” as he said from the stage last night. Yes, he’s getting paid handsomely to do so. But let’s not be cynical. You can tell it’s actual work for him now. He was laboring, emotionally. It won’t always be that way. But it is right now.


Foo Fighters Boston Calling Review: They’ll Stick Around

All that emotion bubbled over from the stage and into the crowd last night. Dave was solemn at times, and struggled as he made his way through “Cold Day in the Sun,” the song “me and Taylor used to sing together.” He spoke often about the Foo Fighters family, and backed up his words with guest appearances by his daughter Violet and drummer Shane Hawkins, who brought tears to the eyes of many (including myself) when he sat in on “I’ll Stick Around.”


Dave told those of us lucky to be in attendance last night that we’re now part of the family, too. It certainly felt that way, as tens of thousands of us sang along with sincerity to “My Hero.”


I keep coming back to the losses. Dave losing both Kurt and Taylor, yet soldering on. And can we take a moment to appreciate that Foo Fighters (and ex-Nirvana) guitarist Pat Smear suffered both of those losses on top of losing Darby Crash during his formative years with the Germs?


Yet here they both were, alongside their Foo family–which now includes drummer Josh Freese, who deserves a whole other piece of his own, as his work behind the kit last night was nothing short of phenomenal–a little battered and bruised, as my friend Jon put it. But still going.

They’ll stick around. And they’ll continue to inspire us to do the same.


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