Some albums are just meant to be listened to in summertime. Here’s a handful of classic 90s albums to soundtrack your summer.

I’m Adam 12, keeper of the books here at ROCK 92.9. And by that I mean I’m the guy who reminds you when your favorite album has a big anniversary or your favorite rocker has a birthday. So there’s math involved. It ain’t easy.

I’m also a proponent of seasonal listening. And by that I mean I’m a believer that some albums are meant to be listened to at certain times of the year. Sure, there are albums that should be enjoyed year-round. Then there are others.

Classic 90s Albums: That Summer Feeling

The focus of this list, as you can see, is summer albums. Some of the discs that make up the list were released in or before summertime, so they just became a natural soundtrack. Others just have that summer feeling.

I could blow through another 300 words trying to explain what I mean, but I don’t think I need to do that. Some songs, albums, and artists just have a seasonal vibe to them. Alice In ChainsSap EP, for example. It just feels autumnal.

Classic 90s Albums: The Magnificent Seven

Apologies for the fall detour. Back to summer we go with a seven-pack of seasonal essentials. I almost described this short list as “underrated” or “forgotten,” but there are a couple of big releases on here, so I went with “classic.”

These are albums I go back to year after year in July and August to recapture some of that summer magic of my youth. If you’re a Gen Xer like me, you get it. And you’ll likely recognize a couple. But I bet there’s a few you forgot about as well.

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