When booking an Airbnb, there’s usually a slew of house rules. Once you get there, however, and see the place covered in rules, what does one do? Put them on blast on TikTok, of course!

One TikToker, that goes by @authentiffany_, shared a video last week showing a room she stayed in that had a “few controlling quirks.” Tiffany wrote as the caption: “Respect the home, Tiktok about it later.”

Her TikTok has since gone viral, amassing over 1.6 million views on TikTok and sparked many talking points in the comments section as her host was intent on making the very specific rules of the accommodation very obvious for everyone who was staying there.

In the one minute video, Tiffany shows the numerous signs that are around the room – written in thick marker pens – telling the guest what they should and shouldn’t do with the various items such as cups, storage boxes and even a diagram of the television remote.

One highlight of the video sees Tiffany inform viewers that the host wrote her a note saying that she had used the wrong glass to drink out of and that the glass was designated for her toothbrush. There is even a note written on the mirror next to the shower informing guests which way they should pull the shower curtain!

“As an Airbnb owner, I support the TV remote diagram,” one user said. “The amount of times we get called about that.”

Another person jokingly wrote, “The next guest will have a sign that says do not record Tik Toks during your stay 🤣”

“‘hope I slept here correctly’ is the most accurate review of this experience,” another person wrote.

“Passive-aggressive income,” a fourth joked.

When one person wrote, “Wow? Maybe let’s not lend out our space if we’re control freaks,” Tiffany responded, “I feel like she thought it was helping clear things up so nobody would ever have any questions… ever. But I actually thought it created more confusion.

Tiffany wrote a comment herself, after seeing the responses she was getting: “Some of y’all need to lighten up. This is intended to be funny, I am not upset, I am not talking badly about her and DO NOT HARM HER! PLEASE!”

In a follow-up video, Tiffany clarified that she was only renting a room in the woman’s house and that it was a last-minute booking even though some of the reviews did comment that the host was a “very detailed person.”

Attempting to bring to an end some of the division in her comments, Tiffany added: “People are the way that they are, we don’t all work together that well and that’s perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong with her being that way. If you stay in a place like that and you don’t feel comfortable you are welcome to leave but there’s no use for hating someone for being that way.”

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