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Spring has indeed sprung in New England. But what sexual fantasies are getting residents of the six states sprung, so to speak?


The fine folks at Future Method figured it all out. In their recent blog post titled How Sexually Curious Are Americans in 2023? A Sex Survey, they found out that–surprise of surprises–Americans are certainly sexually curious. Their piece covers everything from types of sex to sexual positions to demographic breakdowns to, of course, the regionality of sex. For our purposes here, we’ll be focusing on our own region–New England–of course.


It won’t surprise me if Dave and Chuck the Freak cover this on their show, too. Shameless plug: you can hear Dave, Chuck, Lisa, Andy, James, and the rest of the crew weekday mornings starting at 6 right here on ROCK 92.9. And sex is always a topic they cover. Just recently, they had this piece on a Florida man (of course) who did something extremely uncool and illegal at a massage parlor. They even covered just how many swipes it takes to find a significant other. Turns out it’s more than it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.


What Are the Most Desired Sexual Fantasies in New England?

Again, the Future Method piece focuses on all fifty states and goes deep (heh) on a variety of sexual topics. For this piece, we’re just focusing on the New England states and each one’s most common sexual fantasy. Take a look and see if the state you’re in lines up with, well, the state you’re in. And take notes, too, if you’re single and looking to mingle. If you’re on the prowl in, say, Vermont, wouldn’t it be handy to know what’s most likely to get Vermonters off? Just remember: keep it safe, sane, and consensual.

  • Connecticut

    New Sex Positions

  • Maine

    Using a sex toy

  • Massachusetts

    New Sex Positions

  • New Hampshire

    New Sex Positions

  • Rhode Island

    New Sex Positions

  • Vermont


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