CHEERS -- "Diamond Sam" Episode 14 -- Air Date 01/15/1987 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ted Danson as Sam Malone, John Ratzenberger as Cliff Clavin, Shelley Long as Diane Chambers, George Wendt as Norm Peterson (Photo by NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

If you’re a showbiz nerd like me, you’re about to strike TV history GOLD. There’s a guy even nerdi-er than us, that is putting his VAST TV memorabilia up for auction. He has it all, like the original bar from Cheers.

Or how about the actual set of Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show? A set SO tacky (Johnny’s words) even Johnny wondered WHO would want it? There is one man. When you hear the story of James Comisar, you’ll wonder how he is married. I really don’t know if he is, but no wife would allow you to have an expansive, temperature controlled storage facility to protect hundreds of TV’s lost artifacts, including the original chair of Archie Bunker.  Hey, who wouldn’t want to own Carroll O’Connor’s fabric butt print? But I’m not gonna lie, I would buy this guy lunch. Something tells me my wife wouldn’t join me. Actually she would because she’s a bigger TV nerd than me.

The Guy Behind The Stuff

According to CBS:

James Comisar – who has been tracking down and preserving television memorabilia since 1989 – had dreamed of creating a museum to house his collection, but when that failed to come together, he decided it was time the items leave the temperature-controlled warehouses where he’s been caring for them.

After graduating from high school, Comisar became a comedy writer and began spending time on studio lots, where he realized that items from the TV shows he loved were languishing, with no system in place to save or archive them. He said that when shows went off the air, props would be sold or thrown away, or end up back in the costume department for rent.

The most amazing Cheers bar quote EVER:

He said the bar from “Cheers,” complete with the names of the show’s stars carved into it, was in studio storage with a dead skunk in it when he acquired it.

TV Memorabilia For Auction

Dallas based Heritage Auctions will hold the auction in early June. We can start bidding NOW, on line. It’s reported that there are a DIZZYING amount of items on the website! Let’s see a sample:

  • Actual Bar from Cheers!

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Props, Cheers Bar Counter in Three Sections with Brass Railing, Burgundy
Leatherette Barstools, Back Bar Unit, Tall, Thin Wooden Set...

    That’s it!!! I need to call my wife…… check how much we have budgeted for Norm’s stool.

  • Frazier Crane Wardrobe

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Costumes, Kelsey Grammer "Dr. Frasier Crane" Camel Hair Blazer, Cotton Vest,
Silk Shirt, Corduroy Trousers, Necktie, and Penny Loafers ...

    “Boston, I’m listening”

  • Archie Bunker's Chairs (Edith Too!)

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Props, Carroll O'Connor "Archie Bunker" and Jean Stapleton "Edith Bunker"
Iconic Living Room Chairs, Beer Can Table, and TV Remote f...

    What meat-head wouldn’t want this?

  • The Bunker Family Living Room

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Props, The Bunker Family Living Room from All in the Family (CBS TV,
1971-1979) and A...

    It feels like Sunday Night all over again..

  • Do You Remember THIS Show?

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Props, Signature Directional Signpost with the Characters' Hometowns from
M*A*S*H (CBS-TV, 1972-198...

    The directional sign from M.A.S.H.!

  • Laverne's Jersey! From ABC's Laverne And Shirley!

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Costumes, Penny Marshall "Laverne De Fazio" Shotz Beer Baseball Jersey from Laverne and Shirley (ABC T...

    Do you smell Shotz Beer?

  • Johnny Carson's Tonight Show set!

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Memorabilia, Johnny Carson's Iconic Home Base Interview Desk, Swivel Chair,
Guest Chair, Guest Couch, Coffee Table and Full Array of Set E...

    Did you know that Johnny himself co-wrote the music opening theme from “The Tonight Show.” Because he was co-writer, he was paid around $400 dollars EVERY night it was played on NBC!

  • Star Trek Communicator

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Props, Star Trek: The Original Series Replica (4) Landing Party Set:
Tricorder, Type-1 Phaser, Type-2 Phaser a...

    Set Phasors on NERD…

  • Price Is Right "Plinko" Board

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Props, PL!NKO Prize Board from The Price Is Right (CBS TV, 1972-)....

    Which reminds me, I need to get my pet spayed and neutered..

  • TV Batman Batmobile Bat phone

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Props, Adam West "Batman" Batmobile Batphone....

    Well, it WAS the first wireless phone……

  • CBS Prop TV Camera


  • Facts Of Life Wardrobe

  • The Simpsons Cell Setup

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Original Art, Homer and Grampa Simpson Production Cel Setup from The Simpsons
(Fox TV, 1990-)....

  • Dress Like Chandler From "Friends."

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Costumes, Matthew Perry "Chandler Bing" Wool Shirt Jacket, Blue Jeans, and
Printed Costume Sketch from Friends

    Reportedly, Matt Perry wore this!

  • Dining Room Table: Everybody Loves Raymond

    Movie/TV Memorabilia:Props, Ray and Debra Barone Dining Room Table, Chairs, Hutch and Set
Dressing from Everybody Loves Raymond...

    Let’s enjoy Debra’s bad cooking

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