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Released March 8, 1974.

Welcome to another edition of Today in Boston ROCK, where I, Adam 12, spotlight Very Important Days In Rock History. March 8th is one.

  • 1974

    March 8, 1974: Queen releases their second studio album, conveniently titled Queen II. Unless you’re a big-time Queen fan, you probably don’t remember many of the songs. But you sure as hell know the album cover.

    Queen II

    Released March 8, 1974.

  • 1994

    March 8, 1994: Nine Inch Nails releases their second full-length album The Downward Spiral. It was a groundbreaking album that would go on to be one of the most essential releases of the ’90s. Our own Erica Banas digs into it below.

    March 8, 1994: Soundgarden Releases ‘Superunknown,’ NIN Drop ‘The Downward Spiral’
  • 1994

    And yes, you read that correctly. March 8, 1994: Soundgarden releases their breakthrough album Superunknown on the exact same day as NIN drops The Downward Spiral. I can’t think of a band who did a better job of evolving their sound between two records than Soundgarden did between Badmotorfinger and Superunknown. Two top-tier releases that are about as far apart sound-wise as two releases from the same band can be, yet they still share the same musical DNA.

    Revisit a Trio of Classic Albums Released on March 8
  • 2011

    March 8, 2011: Mike Starr, founding bassist of Alice In Chains, was found dead of a drug overdose in Salt Lake City. He was only 44. Let’s flash back to 1992, when Starr and the band played The Channel in Boston.