Released February 22, 1993.

Welcome to another edition of Today in Boston ROCK, where I, Adam 12, spotlight Very Important Days In Rock History. February 22nd is one.

  • 1968

    February 22, 1968: Bradley James Nowell is born in Long Beach, CA. He would’ve turned 54 this year. Last year, we marked the 25th anniversary of Sublime‘s breakthrough self-titled album.

    5 Fast Facts: Sublime’s ‘Sublime’ Turns 25
  • 1986

    February 22, 1986: Ozzy Osbourne releases his forth solo album, The Ultimate Sin. It might be the greatest album artwork in the entire Ozzy discography, and that’s saying something. Also, Jake E. Lee rules.

    Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘The Ultimate Sin’ Turns 35
  • 1993

    February 22, 1993: Radiohead releases their debut full-length, Pablo Honey. Sure, the Jerky Boys-inspired title is extremely dated 29 years on, but the album is much, much better than it’s given credit for. Give me my Radiohead with guitars, thank you. Any music critic who puts Pablo Honey at the low-end of their Radiohead ranking has it wrong: it’s a mid-packer with some great music on it. And early-era Radiohead is a hoot.

  • 1977

    February 22, 1977: ROCK 92.9 DJ Adam 12 is born. So I share a birthday with Brad Nowell and Pablo Honey and The Ultimate Sin and also Dr. J and George Washington and Drew Barrymore. They’re all cooler than I am. If you’d like to wish me a “Happy Birthday,” you can do so by making a donation to one of the many worthy local food pantries I’ve featured on Free Food Friday. Thank you.

    Free Food Friday

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