If you’re gearing up to hit the road for some holiday travels, keep this list of The Biggest Tourist Traps in New England handy.


It’s every kid’s dream (or nightmare): you’re heading over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house for a holiday visit. And heading over the river and through the woods means leaving your home state for a long drive.


One of your parents makes the suggestion: “hey, there’s a fun place we can stop on the way, you know, to break the trip up!” Sounds like fun, right? And maybe it even was…when you were a little kid. But, looking back on things as an adult, you realize your folks got taken, and so did you, by a tourist trap.


Now, there are two main camps here when it comes to the storied American tradition that is the tourist trap. In one camp, you have the haters. They will avoid these roadside snares at all costs, refusing to give over one red cent to see The World’s Largest Gummy Bear Collection or Swampie’s Swamptacular Snake and Gator Land.


Then there’s the rest of us. Those of us who enjoy a bit of out-of-the-ordinary. Those of us who enjoy traveling off the beaten path. Those of us who aren’t afraid to stimulate the economy in some podunk town by politely wandering through a dilapidated house full of mummified feet. Why are the feet mummified? Who’s feet were they? Why did we stop here? WHY DID THE LIGHTS JUST GO OUT?!


The Biggest Tourist Traps in New England

Best Life put together this list called The Biggest Tourist Trap in Every State and I’ve taken that and pulled out the New England selections. And I have a little something to say about each one. Take a look. And Happy Motoring!


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