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Is New England stressed? The answer according to a new study is not too much.

The folks at WalletHub have posted a ranking of all 50 states and how they rank in being “stressed out” the good news is, we New Englander’s aren’t the worst when it comes to being stressed.

The factors they used to indicate stress levels were based on 8 different concerns that are cause for the most stress in our lives.

The factors are:

  1. Average hours of work per week
  2. Share of adults getting adequate sleep
  3. % of people in Fair/Poor Health
  4. Median credit score
  5. % of Population Living in Poverty
  6.  Divorce Rate
  7. Crime Rate per Capita
  8. Psychologists per Capita

Here’s how we rank of all 50 States from most to least stressed

  • #28 Maine

    Maine comes in at #28 when it comes to the most stressed states. Basically coming in at the halfway point, Maine is called “Vacationland” and it sounds like a lot of it’s residents could use a vacation. There are a lot of variables such as the very expensive cost of keeping your house warm with the highest heating prices in years but the good news is, you’re living in a beautiful state with the longest coastlines in the country, so it’s not all bad!

  • #37 Rhode Island

    Rhode Island comes in at #37, so it lands in the bottom third of stressed out states, which is pretty good. The stress comes from high scores in the amount of work hours they put in and their overall health condition, they scored pretty unstressed in the other categories, so maybe a little more time off would do their health well and they will score even better next year!

  • #40 Vermont

    Vermont comes in at #40, which places it firmly in the top 10 least stressed out states, and that is not surprising because Vermont is a pretty laid back place to live. The old hippies moved into Vermont during the 60’s and 70’s and brought a certain vibe with them that has never gone away. So, if you’re looking to get away from the stresses of life, you can’t go wrong with Green Mountain state!

  • #43 Connecticut

    Connecticut comes in at #43 where the biggest stress comes from financial concerns, which is not surprising because of it’s proximity to New York City. People in Connecticut have to take the good with the bad, sure you have to deal with the high cost of being close to the Big Apple, but when you get home, you have a great state to live in with beaches and parks and a train ride into the city to see a show.

  • #46 Massachusetts

    The Bay state comes in at #46 with our biggest stress coming from work related issues, if fact we score very high with it. The good news is, we have less stress coming all of the other factors. We know we live in a great state with so much to offer that once we get off work we can go and enjoy! From the Cape to the Beautiful North and South Shores to the mountains and hills across the state, we’re pretty lucky to live here, and that’s not to mention all the great sports we have!

  • #48 New Hampshire

    New Hampshire comes in at #48! Making the Granite State the 3rd less stressed out state in the country. Residents don’t report all lot of stress in any of the factors, scoring very low in each of the categories.  With so much to offer in every season, from Skiing in the winter, beaching and camping in the summer and the gorgeous leaf peeping in the fall why would they be stressed! Congrats New Hampshire!

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