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National Beer Day falls on April 7 this year, which is convenient, as April 7 is a Friday. Imagine if it was a Monday? No fun!


We’re pretty damn lucky to be celebrating National Beer Day in the Commonwealth. From the North Shore to the South Shore, from the Boston Metro to Metro West and beyond, Massachusetts is home to some pretty amazing breweries. In fact, it was only a month ago we were celebrating Mass Beer Week. For that second week in March, I went day-by-day and highlighted seven of my favorite local breweries. You can take a look at that list here.


But how does Massachusetts stack up against the other 49 states? The crew at BetMassachusetts took a look. In their piece, Massachusetts Among Best States For Beer Lovers, they looked at quality, quantity and affordability when ranking all 50 states. Right off the bat, Massachusetts got high marks: our state is home to over 200 breweries? So, as far as quantity goes, you can check that box off straightaway. After digging into the ratings beer drinkers gave to different beers and breweries in the Commonwealth and researching the cost of a case of beer in each state, the ranking was set.


National Beer Day: Where Does Mass Rank for Beer Lovers?

So where did Massachusetts end up? At lucky No. 13. Pretty impressive to be in the top third of such a prestigious list. So let’s raise a victory pint to celebrate that. But let’s also take a look at the states that kept us out of the Top 10. There are a few that I expected to see there, and a few that surprised me. And I was encouraged to see two other New England states joining Massachusetts in the top part of the list. Cheers to them and cheers to you!

  • 13) Massachusetts

    Gotta shout out my friends at Idle Hands in Malden, a personal fave of mine.

  • T12) Vermont

    No surprise to see Vermont ranked so high, with such a fine selection of breweries. I’ll have a Heady Topper, thanks.

  • T12) Virginia

    Given Virginia’s place in American history, they boast some of the oldest breweries in the States.

  • 10) Minnesota

    Winters are cold in Minnesota. Real cold. So Minnesotans spend a lot of time indoors, drinking beer.

  • T8) North Carolina

    Turns out North Carolina has over 340 craft breweries. That’s a LOT of beer.

  • T8) Rhode Island

    Hi, neighbor! Have a ‘Gansett!

  • T6) Indiana

    The Hoosier State is big on beer? Whoosier knew?

  • T6) New York

    Shmaltz Brewing’s Hanukkah Beer Boxes alone justify New York’s high ranking.

  • 5) Missouri

    Affordability is a factor, and $4 pints in a taproom? That’s the definition of affordable.

  • 4) Colorado

    The state boasts one of the few women-owned, queer-owned breweries!

  • 3) Illinois

    Revolution Brewing in Chicago is the largest independent craft brewery in the state.

  • 2) Iowa

    Again, I’m guessing affordability is coming into play here, placing Iowa in the No. 2 slot.

  • 1) Michigan

    Home of Founders. Beer is cool.

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