Minnesota residents have the best smiles in the country according to a new study. But Mass does pretty well too!

Flourish, a company that specializes in helping people and companies tell stories using data, commissioned the study which gave all 50 states an overall “Smile Index Score.”

The score is based on the following 10 factors: Percentage of Adults Who Reported Visiting a Dentist or Dental Clinic Within the Past Year, Number of General Dentists and Advanced Practice Dental Therapists per 100,000 Population, Percentage of Adults Ages 65 and Older Who Reported Having All Teeth Removed Due To Decay or Gum Disease, Percentage of Adults Who Reported Smoking at Least 100 Cigarettes in Their Lifetime and Currently Smoke Daily or Some Days, Water Fluoridation, Overall Condition of Mouth and Teeth (Good or Very Good), Life in General is Less Satisfying Due to Condition of Mouth and Teeth (Never), Appearance of Mouth and Teeth Affects Ability to Interview for a Job (No), How Often Have You Experienced the Following Problems in the Last 12 Months due to the Condition of Your Mouth and Teeth? (Never), and When Asked “Do You Value Keeping Your Mouth Healthy?” (Strongly Agree).

After all that was considered and factored in Minnesota had the best smiles with an overall “Smile Index Score” of 78.3. On the other end of the spectrum was Arkansas whose overall “Smile Index Score” was much lower, 21.10.

New England did pretty well in the smile department. We have 3 states in the Top 10 and our worst state comes in at #38.

So let’s break it down. I’ll give you every New England state and where it finished off on the Best Smiles in America list.

And while we’re talking about nice smiles let me mess that all up with the most delicious new Fall treat in Massachusetts bringing two well-known local brands together. A marriage of beer and donuts RIGHT HERE!

Now let’s scrub our teeth and get to those smiles – we’ll go worst to first in New England.


    Maine finished last in New England on the Best Smiles list coming in at #38 in the country. It had a smile index of 41.60 but the lobstermen don’t give a rat’s @$$.

    Best Smile Minnesota


    Vermont fared slightly better than Maine finishing with the 29th best smiles in the country. Vermont had an overall smile index of 49.80. I think they would have scored higher but maple syrup.

    Best Smile Minnesota


    New Hampshire did pretty well! It came in 14th on the Best Smiles in America list with an overall smile index of 60.40. Now we’re talkin’!

    Best Smile Minnesota


    Rhode Island made the Top 10 coming in 8th in the country as far as nice smiles go. Rhode Island had a smile index score of 67.40. Congrats RI, you get a dentist sticker from the bin.

    Best Smile Minnesota


    Alright Massachusetts, you made the Top 10 just edging out Rhode Island tied for #6 with Michigan. Massachusetts had an overall smile index of 68.40. Not too shabby!!

    Best Smile Minnesota


    Connecticut is home of the prettiest teeth in New England according to the study. Connecticut scored a 74.80 on it’s smile index (wow, so high!) and came in third place overall in the US. Wear sunglasses when driving in Connecticut. Those smiles are blinding!

    Best Smile Minnesota

  • Want the full rundown?

    Check out Flourish’s full Top 50 countdown of the best and worst smiles in the US RIGHT OVER HERE! And let’s focus on flossing more so Mass moves up that list next year. We’re coming for that #1 spot Minnesota!

    Best Smile Minnesota

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