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When you see the headline, 15 Massachusetts Beloved TV Personalities That You’ve Grown Up With, what names immediately come to mind? Chet and Nat? Who can forget Bob Lobel appearing in the Jimmy Fallon movie, Fever Pitch?

With the recent anniversary of The Blizzard of 78, memories of Boston‘s TV news and weather people came flying back! When you think walls of snow, does the name Shelby Scott come to mind? Weatherman Bruce Schwoegler was so famous, they even referenced him on Saturday Night Live!

Not All Were From TV News!

Some of the BIGGEST local TV stars didn’t report the news, sports or weather. Boston TV was rich with kids shows! I won’t spoil it for you. You’ll have to read on! The rock stars of our childhood TV’s brought us the good news of a no school, snow day, and sometimes the sad news, that we were too young to understand. Some, even rode horses! While they were bigger than life, they seemed like our friends.

Meeting Your Heroes

There’s an old saying: never meet your heroes. According to the myth, you end up disappointed meeting your heroes. That’s not the case here in Boston. Every time I met a local hero, they lived UP to their bigger than life, TV persona. For example, I got to meet and interview the amazing Jack Williams, the now retired news anchor of WBZ-TV Channel 4. The in-person, Jack, was as kind, friendly and genuine as the on TV, Jack, was. Same goes for Dana Hersey, the wonderful host of TV-38’s Movie Loft. I was lucky enough to interview him on my radio show back in the 80’s. When he walked in the office, it was like a rock star entered the building. But, was Dana so kind and polite, and made me feel like he was the lucky one to meet us.

So grab the clunky remote, and let’s take the ride to remember the 15 Massachusetts Beloved TV Personalities You’ve Grown Up With! But beware: close your office door, this may take awhile!

Thanks to Old School Boston on Twitter for sharing some of these amazing memories!

  • Shelby Scott

    She was synonymous with snow. R.I.P


  • Barry Burbank and Bruce Schwoegler

    I am getting my sled out now! Bruce passed away last year, leaving a 33 year legacy on WBZ-TV 4. Barry retired in 2020. I was lucky enough to work with Barry. What a great guy!

  • Don Kent-Jack Chase

    Shared by WBZ-TV’s Eric Fisher. NO computer graphics for Don Kent, during the Blizzard of 78!

  • WCVB Staff 1982!


    Wow!! Can you name them?

  • Dana Hersey!

    If you ask, I’ll do my impression of the wonderful Dana Hersey! “TV 38……” By the way, when is the next Twilight Zone Marathon?

  • Jack, Liz, Bob-WBZ TV

    Jack Williams, is one of the nicest guys ever. Lobel, such a talent. Who doesn’t love Liz Walker? I never met Liz, but I feel like I know her.

  • Rex Trailer

    Rex came to my Dad’s cowboy themed 80th birthday party. He looked just like this, sang songs, including Boomtown. He reproduced our childhood before our very eyes, and brought a room full of adults to happy tears. At the age of 7, I got the privilege to meet Rex, on Boomtown. He is the reason I’m on the air today.

  • Ed Harding-Maria Stephanos

    Hard working each night.

  • David Wade-Lisa Hughs

    They BOTH ride the Pan Mass Challenge each year! Both are hard working pros and love our city.

  • Jerry Remy-Don Orsillo

    Can’t leave these two out!

  • Tom Bergeron

    On the WBZ Radio, or on WBZ-TV, or Dancing With The Stars, our local Haverhill boy made us proud.

  • Dick Albert-Harvey Leonard

    Boston weather legends. Harvey is enjoying retirement. Dick passed away in 2017, leaving a 40 + year legacy on WCVB.


  • WCVB's Frank Avruch

    Frank had three careers: Bozo, then host of Channel 5’s “The Great Entertainment” and behind the scenes as the booth announcer for WCVB, all for more than 40 years.

  • Boston 25's Kevin Lemanowicz

    Kevin was Boston 25’s FIRST chief meteorologist, since 1996. Also a great guy!

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