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Released November 7, 1995.

If you’ve ever wondered how many times Layne Staley says yeah on Alice In Chains‘ self-titled 1995 album, I have the answer.


I know the timing on this particular subject might be confusing; I’m writing this on the 25th of January, which is the anniversary of the release BEFORE Alice in Chains: Jar of Flies. And I love Jar of Flies! I copped a couple of tracks from the acoustic masterpiece for my playlist of grunge essentials. But Jar of Flies is missing something important: yeahs.


Layne Staley is to “yeah” as Tom Petty is to, well, whatever that sound Tom Petty makes in like half of his songs. It’s kind of like a cross between a “yeah” and a “whoa.” You listen to Petty, you know what I’m talking about. Perhaps the best example of the lot takes place at around the 3:45 mark on “Free Fallin’.” It’s Petty’s vocal calling card.


Here’s How Many Times Layne Staley Says Yeah on ‘Alice In Chains’


Staley’s vocal calling card is yeah. It’s always been a part of his lyrical repertoire, but it wasn’t until the self-titled album that Layne really let the yeahs rip. I’ve been an AIC fan since the beginning. “Man In The Box” and “Sea Of Sorrow” from 1990’s Facelift drew me in when the videos would play on MTV and Rage TV. And don’t even get me started on Dirt. It’s an all-timer; you know this.


Alice In Chains is a fine bit of work, too. Released in November of 1995, it became a “winter album” for me, and one that I revisit annually to this day. Last year, when I listened through, I was struck once again by the bevy of yeahs. So I decided to count them. Below, you’ll find a song-by-song breakdown, as well as a grand total. Why, you ask? Why not! It’s funny. And it’s fun.


  • 1) "Grind"

    Number of “yeahs:” 4

  • 2) "Brush Away"

    Number of “yeahs:” 1

  • 3) "Sludge Factory"

    Number of “yeahs:” 7

  • 4) "Heaven Beside You"

    Number of “yeahs:” 0

  • 5) "Head Creeps"

    Number of “yeahs:” 0

  • 6) "Again"

    Number of “yeahs:” 25

  • 7) "Shame In You"

    Number of “yeahs:” 7

  • 8) "God Am"

    Number of “yeahs:” 0

  • 9) "So Close"

    Number of “yeahs:” 4

  • 10) "Nothin’ Song"

    Number of “yeahs:” 0

  • 11) "Frogs"

    Number of “yeahs:” 0

  • 12) "Over Now"

    Number of “yeahs:” 5

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