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New York has bodegas. Here in the Boston area, we have something different. So let’s remember some old Massachusetts convenient stores.


I got thinking about this topic after surfing this recent wave of ’90s nostalgia. That wave crested for me with what ended up being a love letter to my all-time favorite candy bar–Sky Bar–which was invented here in Massachusetts. Turns out it’s still made here, too. I learned that when I wrote this piece, and I’d love it if you’d take the time to read it. You’ll learn something! And candy is delicious!


If you’re a Masshole of a certain age, you probably grew up like I did: spending paper route money on candy, chips, soda and the like at your local convenient store. In Greenwood, we had Greenwood Pharmacy, and then Pump N Pantry. But elsewhere in Wakefield, we had convenient stores that were in other towns and cities, too. They were chains, but they were local chains in lots of cases. And they kinda ruled.


Here’s a Bunch of Old Massachusetts Convenient Stores to Remember

Right off the dome, I was able to remember a handful of those corner stores, a few of which are no more. But I wanted to do some digging to make sure my list is comprehensive. Oddly enough, just last month, someone started a “Defunct local convenient stores” thread on r/boston. It’s a pretty short thread (at least as of now), but it’s a good start.


I decided to turn this list into a 12-Inch Poll, just for the fun of it. So take a pass through, find the spot you used to grab your sodas and sweets, and toss it a vote. Oh, and if I missed one, just hit up ROCK 92.9 on your social media platform of choice and let me know. And grab me a Sky Bar while you’re at it.

  • Christy's Markets

    The OG opened in Brockton in 1934. At its peak, there were 144 Christy’s across MA, ME, and RI. Remember when Christy himself ran for MA Governor?


  • Cumberland Farms

    With roots in Cumberland, RI and Bellingham, MA, Cumbie’s is a local convenient store institution.

  • City Convenience

    Their logo still looks like it’s straight out of the ’90s, but this spot is still alive and kicking on the BU campus.

  • Li'l Peach

    We had a Li’l Peach at Four Corners in Wakefield back in the day. And it turns out there’s still one left in Hudson!

  • Richdale

    Richdale is still around, too. I just a few weeks ago grabbed some ice at the one by Wyoming Station in Melrose.

  • Store 24

    Store 24 was omnipresent back in the ’80s. And there’s a local connection, too, which I’ll get to.

  • Tedeschi Food Shops

    Why did Store 24 disappear from Massachusetts? Because Rockland-based Tedeschi’s bought ’em out in 2002.

  • White Hen Pantry

    This one started in the Midwest, but if you grew up in MA or Southern NH, you grew up going to White Hen Pantry.

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