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Here’s a heavy dose of ’90s nostalgia for whenever you need it. And if you’re like me, you need it all the damn time.


I was born in 1977. That’s the year punk exploded, but I’m too young to remember that. Being born in ’77 means I was a kid in the ’80s and I came of age in the ’90s. In fact, my February of ’77 birthday put me in line to spend the entirety of the ’90s–1991 through 1999–in high school and college. Those are typically the formative years of a person’s musical and pop culture tastes. I’m no exception.


I’ve written extensively about my Gen X tastes and memories as they pertain to the ’90s. I’ve covered everything from junk food to drinks to video games to ’90s bands to ’90s slang. So when this new state-by-state study of American’s obsessions with all things ’90s came across my digital desk, I couldn’t wait to dig into it. And I can’t wait to share it with you. Along with my observations, of course.


’90s Nostalgia: The Toys, Food & Trends New England Loves Most

So here it is, An Analysis of ’90s Obsession Around the U.S., courtesy of The Shane Co. And here’s the methodology: “We started with a list of 45 popular snacks, toys, and accessories that defined the ’90s. From there, we analyzed Google Trends search interest for each of the items in every U.S. state over the past 12 months.” And they even made a cool, interactive map, which you can view here.


As always, I’m most interested in what’s making the list in the six New England states. I’ve shared below the top snack, top toy, and top accessory from each. Take a look and prepare to be taken back to the last pure decade before the internet ruined everything.

  • Connecticut

    Top Snack: Hubba Bubba

    Top Toy: Easy Bake Oven

    Top Accessory: Faux Flowers

    I was always more of a Bazooka kid, but I respect the Hubba Bubba nostalgia.


  • Maine

    Top Snack: Mini Chiclets

    Top Toy: Tickle Me Elmo

    Top Accessory: Scrunchies

    Tickle Me Elmo was to ’90s kids what Cabbage Patch Kids were to ’80s kids: your parents almost got killed by their fellow shoppers trying to get you one for Christmas.

  • Massachusetts

    Top Snack: Potato Sticks

    Top Toy: Game Boy Color

    Top Accessory: Stick-on Tattoos

    I will still destroy an entire canister of Potato Sticks if left to my own devices. So crunchy. So salty. While playing my Game Boy Color, of course.

  • New Hampshire

    Top Snack: Mini Chiclets

    Top Toy: Polly Pocket

    Top Accessory: Fanny Packs

    Mini Chiclets were a big deal in Northern New England back in the ’90s, apparently. I can’t believe I was able to find the old commercial with Tone Loc.

  • Rhode Island

    Top Snack: Trix Yogurt

    Top Toy: Easy Bake Oven

    Top Accessory: Anklets

    The ’90s really did a great job of picking up where the ’80s left off with regards to defiling food items. “Yogurt? That’s too healthy. How can we make it junky? Make it taste like Trix!”

  • Vermont

    Top Snack: Dunkaroos

    Top Toy: Easy Bake Oven

    Top Accessory: Bandanas

    Literally singing the “Dunkaroos” commercial jingle while I’m typing this sentence. The ’90s ruled, but they ruined my brain.

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