A new report looked at the Happiest Cities in America. I pulled up their master list and I scrolled down, down, down until I finally reached the first entry in New England. Are we really that salty? Yup, and pretty proud of it actually. And I wouldn’t say we’re not happy – for the most part – I’d say we’re misunderstood. Anyway, these are the happiest cities in New England according to that new report.

The report was done by SmartAssets, who considered a variety of happiness variables while determining the happiest to least happy (I was going to say “most miserable” but that seemed cold). The study reviewed a number of those across 90 of the nation’s largest cities, including how many residents earn $100,000 or more, life expectancy, marriage rates, and traffic volume. They used data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute’s County Health Rankings and Roadmaps report to put the rankings together.

Before we get to the happiest cities in New England, here are the overall happiest cities in the US:

Arlington, Virginia exhales rainbows as they have been deemed “the happiest city in America,” topping the list. Plano, Texas takes second happiest place. Fremont, California gets the bronze medal of US happiness.

Now let’s get to those happiest cities in New England:

We had to scroll all the way down to #67 to begin finding the happiest cities in New England and as it turns out BOSTON is the happiest city in New England. In case you’re wondering who got the dubious honor of “most miserable” – ahhhh! – least happy was Detroit, Michigan. Detroit finished in 91st AKA last place. That makes me feel a little better about Boston being #67… but only a little.

Here they come! Every New England city that made the Top 91 Happiest Cities in America list. Don’t blink!


    Boston finished as the #67 happiest city in America. That kind of stinks. But it’s good enough to make it the Happiest City in New England! Congratulations Boston!!! (Kind of.)

    These things should make you happy in Boston:

  • There's no more.

    Boston was the ONLY city in New England that made the Top 91?!? And it’s not because we’re only talking about large cities. El Paso, Texas, Toledo, Ohio, and Stockton, California all made the list and they’re not biggie biggies. Man, SmartAssets don’t get the warm n’ fuzzies when they visit the Northeast, huh?

    If you’re salty and you know it clap your hands. *clap clap*

  • Want to check out the full rundown of happy US cities?

    See SmartAssets full rankings, methodology, and more RIGHT HERE!

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