Are you an average American?

Someone rounded up stats on random things the “average” American does, and then polled people on BuzzFeed to see how their answers compared. The catogories covered a lot of ground, everything from eating habits to toilet habits.


Are you above or below average with these eight things?

  • 1500 Hours of TV a year

    That adds up to  about four hours a day. Another pretty even split. 45% said more, and 55% said less. Now we have so many other options other than just watching TV, so this number is actually a little less than in the past. Of course it doesn’t mean we are out exercising more or reading more, it means we are spending more time on our phones  or playing video games. Either way we are still spending way too much time looking at screens.

    TV Set

    (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

  • 7. Uses The Bathroom 7 Times a Day

    41% said they go MORE than that. I guess that depends on how much liquids we had that day.

    toilet bowl



  • 6. $438 Spent on Groceries each month

    46% said more, 54% said less. This is a surprising one to me, heck just the cost of eggs alone have pushed up just about everything in your grocery cart, so many foods contain eggs, and that is part of the trickle down economics.


  • 5. 51 minutes per day Driving

    76% said they don’t drive that much. This is still pretty low for the average Boston area commuter, if you spent any time as a commuter on all the major roads and highways, you might be able to double that time.

  • 4. 2 Pieces of actual Mail per month

    This is not counting bills, junk mail, and packages. 60% said they don’t even get that much. Maybe the mail items that are not bills are nice cards for the various holidays, because I cannot remember the last time I got a letter. How about you?

  • 3. Eats 12.7 Pounds of Ice Cream per year

    That’s about one pint a month. 91% said less. I love ice cream, but for me it has to be a once in a while treat, I think I must be below average here.


  • 2. Reads 12 to 13 Books per year

    47% claim they read more books than that. (So half of us are reading more than a book a month? Doubtful.) I read a few books a year, but they are usually really big books on history that I love but not exactly easy reads. Maybe I should just go back and read some more paperbacks that you can knock out in a couple of days.
    Barnes and Noble

  • 1. 46 Slices of Pizza per year

    That’s only about four slices a month, but 75% said they eat less pizza than that. I gotta think that a few folks were not completely honest here, or maybe they just lost count?



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