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‘Tis the season…to share all my favorite rock from the previous year for you. Here I have a handful of 2023 rock songs I’d like you to hear.


Recently, I shared my “Best Rock Albums of 2023” list. There are 12 albums on the list, because I’m Adam 12 and that’s how I roll (Full disclosure: I actually miscounted and ended up with 13, ruining the bit). The list is in quotes because it’s not actually a “best of” list, it’s just a list of the albums I listened to the most. It’s heavy on local acts you might not be wise to, so please do take the time to check it out.


You see, most of what we play on ROCK 92.9 is what’s defined as “classic rock.” Sure, we play a smattering of new songs from acts you know and love (that end-of-year list is forthcoming), but I’ve staked my Boston radio claim for over two decades now on being a “new rock” DJ. I’m still discovering new songs and acts that I love, and I still feel compelled to share what I discover with you.


2023 Rock Songs: 12 You Might Have Missed

Some of these songs below come from the list of albums I shared above. And some of them are just one-off songs that I collected over the course of the year that I love. Because sometimes a great song is a great song outside the context of the album it’s on.


“But 12, why don’t you just make a Spotify playlist?” I wrote about my disdain for Spotify recently; read that here. Since writing it, the company–who’s co-founder and CEO is worth north of $3 billion–cut 1,500 people from its workforce. Read about that in this piece from Wired. And maybe consider ditching the streaming app. Just stick with me. I’ll give you the good tunes, old and new.

  • Blur "The Narcissist"

    I run hot-and-cold with these Britpop legends. I’m hot as hell on this one. It’s a phenomenal addition to their catalog.

  • Cashier "Fear Of The Past"

    These kids from Lafayette, LA wrote my favorite rock song of 2023. Let this one wash over you.

  • Cory Hanson "Housefly"

    Props to my pal Rich Shertenlieb for putting me onto Hanson. This song whips absolute ass.

  • Foo Fighters "Rescued"

    Having new Foo was one of the rock highlights of 2023. Mainly because we didn’t know if we’d ever have new Foo again after 2022.

  • Jimmy Eat World "Something Loud"

    OK, I’m cheating a bit here. Because this song dropped in 2022. But I played the hell out of it on ROCK 92.9 in 2023 and it’s one of my favorite songs of the year.

  • The Lemonheads "Fear Of Living"

    Yes, Evan Dando’s Lemonheads are back. New tune sounds great, and hopefully there’s more to come in 2024.

  • Mission To Sleep "Delirium"

    Another boss Boston band making great rock music. Excellent production work on this one, too.

  • Pile "Loops"

    What a year for Pile. New album, new single, tons of live gigs. I just caught them at Crystal Ballroom and they rocked. Rick & Co. doing Boston proud.

  • Shame "Adderall"

    These English post-punkers penned a paean to the ADHD med we all know and love and it’s lovely.

  • Shiner "The One Thing"

    “A cover song on a best-of list? Can you do that?” Damn right I can; it’s my list! Besides, the K.C. band’s take on the INXS classic just rips.

  • Teenage Wrist "Something Good"

    Teenage Wrist write ’90s-inspired rock that sounds both nostalgic and new. Huge hook in this one, and you’ll feel like you’ve known it for years.

  • Thundercat & Tame Impala "No More Lies"

    Two great tastes that taste great together. We gave away tickets to Thundercat when he came to Boston in 2023 and it ended up being one of the year’s standout shows.

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