Hi, I’m Adam 12, and I like making lists of 12. So here’s a list of 12 2023 rock albums that I enjoyed that I think you should check out.


As I wrote recently, I don’t use Spotify because Spotify doesn’t pay artists appropriately. Instead, I pay artists appropriately by checking out their music on Bandcamp, then purchasing the songs and albums I like directly from the artists and independent labels that put them out. Currently, Bandcamp does the best job of putting appropriately compensating artists. That’s why I use them.


Most of what I purchase is digital. Sure, I’ll buy a CD or an LP here and there. But even in those cases, I’m looking to get digital files, which I then load into my personal library. Currently, I’m using iTunes to manage my music library. Not Apple Music, mind you. Just iTunes. Eventually, I’ll have to update to an iOS that doesn’t support iTunes in the way I need it to. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.


2023 Rock Albums: 12 You Might Have Missed

I’m a believer in paying artists for the music they create. And I’m a believer in owning physical media–digital files, LPs, CDs, DVDS–not renting it from a digital service. Call me old fashioned, but the system works for me. It’s my hobby, really, collecting music that I love and organizing it into playlists and catalogs. I’ve been at it for awhile, and I’m still putting effort into discovering new music.

Which brings us to my Top 12 of 2023 list. Which isn’t what this is, exactly. It’s not a ranking, it’s just a collection of 12 rock and rock-adjacent albums released this year that I enjoyed. And I think you, as a ROCK 92.9 listener, might enjoy them as well. Thanks for taking the time to look and to listen. I hope you find something you like and that you’ll support the artists that made it.

  • The American Analog Set 'For Forever'

    It was quite a treat to have one of my all-time fave indie rock outfits surprise-release a new album in late 2023 on my favorite independent label. Check out the album here, then cop a copy on Darla Records.

  • BEDTIMEMAGIC 'Sleep Together'

    Straight from their Bandcamp bio: “BEDTIMEMAGIC is two dog trash rock. Loud. Hungry.” Accurate.

  • Ben Harper 'Wide Open Light'

    Ben Harper is still making creative, compelling music in 2023. If you’re looking for something with softer edges, give Wide Open Light a chance. Jack Johnson makes an appearance because of course he does.

  • Cigarette Camp 'Chalk'

    Boston punk at its finest. Lo-fi, high-energy. New EP clocks in at just under 10 minutes, so there’s no excuse: listen to it now.

  • David Hinckley 'Purity Supreme'

    My man Dave is an absolute maestro on guitar. And he named his latest EP after an old-school Boston area grocery store chain, so put some respect on his name. Jazzy, funky, and local. Get into it.

  • Eldridge Rodriguez 'Atrophy'

    Eldridge Rodriguez isn’t a guy. It’s a Boston rock band that specializes in writing noisy, hooky indie rock. The cover art alone makes their latest, Atrophy, worth a look and listen.

  • Foo Fighters 'But Here We Are'

    Given all the band went through in 2022, it’s a miracle Foo Fighters were able to release such a solid album and tour behind it. It’s a bit of a masterpiece.

  • Mission To Sleep 'White Death'

    Another Boston-based act, Mission To Sleep is the product of mastermind Rob Wu. Wall of sound, big hooks, brings to mind some ’90s and early ’00s acts you might love while still sounding fresh and new. Listen here, then check out a clip from their 2022 ep below.

  • One Fall 'Spine First!'

    Boston band One Fall won the 2023 Rock & Roll Rumble, turned around, and dropped this ace EP. Come for the originals, stay for the Springsteen cover.

  • Pile 'All Fiction'

    Pile are a Boston rock band. Aside from that, it’s difficult to describe their sound and their vibe; you just have to experience it. So check out All Fiction here. It’s pretty much my favorite album of the year.

  • Shame 'Food For Worms'

    These South London post-punks can’t miss. Their last two albums have been winners, and I really dig this latest one. I mean, they wrote an ode to Adderall!

  • Teenage Wrist 'Still Love'

    Another newish act that just can’t miss. Everything they’ve dropped since their 2018 debut I’ve enjoyed, and Still Love is no exception. Big ’90s rock vibes.

  • Time Wolf 'Observer Bias'

    Oops, looks like my list of 12 has a 13th entry. No matter; Time Wolf are worth it. Check out the album if you’re a fan of prog and/or metal.

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