I love a good 24 Hour Diner. Though I rarely find myself in a diner at 3am, whenever I see a 24 hour diner I get a little extra sense of happiness. I think it just fills me with a little dose of nostalgia. It makes me happy that some things are still just as they’ve been for a long time.

I love pretty much anything from an average and above diner. Especially the older ones, I feel like all that seasoning of the flat top over the years adds a little extra love. And that’s what I love about diners: the love. I feel like most of the food here is like a nice hug, dare I say even a comforting snuggle? No? Ok, let’s just stick with the nice hug.

I usually order the most basic breakfast on the menu, two eggs scrambled with bacon, homefries, and marble toast – pumpernickle if they have it. Black coffee and ice water on the side and I’m set. I’ll be in my culinary happy place for at least 3 minutes while I vacuum that diner plate with my mouth.

Massachusetts actually still has a pretty good number of 24 Hour Diners so I decided to give them the love they deserve, a feature all to themselves. I went to TripAdvisor and did a little digging to find the tastiest diners in all the Massachusetts land. These are the 13 Best 24 Hour Diners in Massachusetts as rated by people who ate there. I’ve eaten at a handful of these spots and the others will be visited soon via Diner Road Trip! Maybe even at 3am if I’m feeling froggy. Also – it appears that TripAdvisor listen some NON 24 Hour Diners as being open 24 hours. Sorry about that. I’ll note if it’s not actually 24 hours below.

UPDATE: I just finished fact checking and of the 13 24 Hour Diners TripAdvisor listed only 3 actually are! Grrr… But it’s still as advertised: The 13 Best 24 Hour Diners in Massachusetts according to TripAdvisor… even though 10 of them are not.

Dear 24 Hour Diners of Massachusetts, thank you for keeping a piece of Americana going here in Massachusetts. And thanks for always keeping the coffee hot.

Starting off our Top 13 is The Little Depot Diner in Peabody, Mass at #13. I hear they have homemade bacon and sausage.

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