Doesn't even have to be a hike. Just a nice winter walk. At sunset, if you're able.

Winter in New England is a fickle thing. It was 60 in January, and now there’s a March storm on the horizon. Here’s how to survive it all.


I do consider myself a bit of an expert on this subject, as I just wrapped up February Vacation with my two teenagers. They were off school, so I took of work. We spent time in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. We spent time indoors and outdoors. There was sunshine and snow, shredding and sleeping in. All in all, we had an absolute blast. And you can, too!


The key to surviving winter in New England is finding balance. If you’re not a winter lover and you’d just like to sleep the season away, I hate to be the one to tell you, but that’s not an option. You are not a bear. Or, if you are a bear, congratulations on finding your way to ROCK 92.9. Are you even able to read this? If you can, mash your paw on that “Listen Live” button!


Sorry. I got distracted imagining a bear listening to me on the radio. What I mean to say, is hiding out all winter isn’t healthy for your body or your mind. New England has so much to offer by way of things to do outdoors in the winter. The key is to find that thing or two that speaks to you and to get out and do it. Then your time indoors will feel balanced and rewarding instead of feeling like a trap.


Winter in New England Isn’t Over Yet: Here’s How to Survive It

There’s more snow and more cold on the horizon; there always seems to be in New England. So why not enjoy it? I share my own experiences with you in the hope that you’ll find a little bit of inspiration. If you’d like more, look no further than our Wicked Winter Guide. And you can always give me a follow on Twitter.

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