The first band tee I ever bought with my own money. Mudhoney opened for Pearl Jam at Boston Garden in April of 1994. They blew my young mind.

Vintage band tees are all the rage, and can sell for a pretty penny on eBay. But I’m not selling mine. I’ll let you look at them, though!


Not too long ago, I undertook that task that none of us wants to undertake: I cleaned out my cellar. Sucks while you’re doing it, rules when you’re done. Especially when you unearth a treasure trove of forgotten gems like two bins of vintage band tees. In the back of my mind, I knew those bins where somewhere. I hoped that I’d find them. And I was delighted when I did.


I began my career in broadcasting at Northeastern University’s WRBB way back in 1996. I started as a DJ, then took over as Music Director for two years, followed by a year as Program Director. Those Music Director years were choice, as back then, all the major record labels had budgets and departments that existed specifically to promote artists to college radio.


You probably see where I’m going with this.

Vintage Band Tees (and a Twin Peaks tee for good measure)

Yeah, I know it’s not a vintage band tee. But it’s too cool not to share.

Vintage Band Tees: The 35 Best From My Robust Rock Stack

I got so many damn free band t-shirts in the mail back in the WRBB days. And the onslaught continued when I began interning and working part-time on-air at the legendary Boston alternative station WFNX. I was going to tons of shows back then, too, and of course I was supporting the artists I loved by buying their merch.


As the years rolled on, I moved from station to station, kept going to gigs, and my collection grew. Rediscovering the bulk of it in my cellar was a welcome wave of nostalgia. Take a look at my personal collection of vintage band tees below and see if you don’t get a little nostalgic for the music of the late ’90s and early ’00s.

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