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These Are Boston’s Most Popular Dog Names

What are the most popular dog names in Boston? The city of Boston has released the names of 2023's fur baby favorites, and there seems to be a trend. The winners have held the crown for the past three years. So what are Boston's most popular dog names? How to choose the perfect dog name When it comes to choosing the perfect name for your pooch, pet owners take the matter very seriously. What you name your dog can say a lot about you. Maybe you named your dog after a favorite place. Some people name their pet after a celebrity. Or if you're like Ramiro, it's the other way around and you name your kid Jax after your beloved dog that passed. According to, there's actually a science behind the best names for dogs. For example, dogs respond better to certain sounds. They say that dogs prefer "short sounds." The example they give is "Huck" as opposed to "Huckleberry." Also when choosing, hard consonant sounds like "c" or "k" help them to recognize the sound. As far as what to avoid, they say names that sound like commands. So you might want to stay away from "Ray" which sounds too much like "stay." Boston's most popular dog names of 2023 Here are the top 10 female dog names of 2023 in Boston: Luna Bella Daisy Lucy Rosie Penny Lola Stella Millie Winnie Here are the top 10 male dog names of 2023 in Boston: Charlie Teddy Max Milo Cooper Leo Finn Winston Oliver Ollie Tips for Creating Strong Associations If you want your dog to respond to you, you have to create strong associations and connections to the name you give them. Pet Helpful has some great tips to help with this. Use food as a motivator. For dogs and humans alike, food is a great incentive. When you say their name, put a treat on the floor and when the dog eats it, wait for them to walk away. When they do, repeat the process several time so they get used to it. Verbal cues. When you use the dogs name, follow that with "sit" or "down." Then go back to the first tip of treats, or simply give some praise. Expand the territory of use. What this means is that when your dog is away from you or in another room, say their name followed by "come." When they do, reward them. Doing this while they're at a distance helps create a different type of association with their name.

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