Happy World Introvert Day! As an introvert myself, I was happy to hear that we had our own day. It always feels like the extroverts get all the shine, not that we want the attention. But it is nice for there to be some recognition of the value that introverts bring to the world. We’re not just the quiet, shy, anti-social people that others sometimes peg us to be. We have so much to offer, if you just give us the chance. That said, there are places that allow us to be our best introverted selves. There are actually two New England cities named the most introvert-friendly in the country.

What is an introvert?

Introversion is a term that was first introduced by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. He described introverted people as those who naturally turn inward. They find the most comfort, not from external things, but from their own thoughts and feelings.

Signs you’re an introvert

According to VeryWellMind, there are 8 signs that you are an introvert.

  1. Being around lots of people drains your energy.
  2. You enjoy solitute.
  3. You have a small group of close friends.
  4. People may find you difficult to get to know you.
  5. Too much stimulation leaves you feeling distracted.
  6. You’re very self aware.
  7. You love to learn by watching.
  8. You’re drawn to jobs that involve independence.

New England Cities Named The Most Introvert-Friendly

While introverts can, and do, thrive is most environments, some are more ideal than others. Think: a place with nature, open spaces, museums, and a less-busy atmosphere. I would add that it has to have places that make it comfortable for individuals to dine out, as well as ways to escape the hustle and bustle of life. So where to introverts thrive? These are the top 10 cities that have been named the most introvert-friendly in the country.

  • #1 - Burlington, Vermont

    A green and white Welcome to Vermont Sign

    According to All About Introverts – Burlington, Vermont is filled with all the things introverts love: local businesses, niche hobby shops, breweries, and cafes. Lake Champlain is also a great place for introverts to get away and reconnect with nature.

  • #2 - Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Skyline of the city of Cambridge, MA

    Cambridge, MA is home to a couple of spots great for introverts. The MIT Museum is great for introverts to dive deep into their interests. Also, you can check out  Ryles, the oldest jazz club in the city. It’s described as “the perfect spot for introverts to spend a relaxing morning out, eating pancakes and listening to live artists play.”

  • The Rest...

    #3 – Colorado Springs, Colorado

    #4 – Santa Barbara, California

    #5 – Salt Lake City, Utah

    #6 – Omaha, Nebraska

    #7 – Madison, Wisconsin

    #8 – Portland, Oregon

    #9 – Charleston, South Carolina

    #10 – Washington, D.C.

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