James Cameron’s second installment of Avatar — titled Avatar: The Way of Water is almost here. The trailer was released today (November 2) in full. Stephen Lang’s villain character Colonel Quaritch, who is seemingly revived through a Na’vi avatar form, returns once again to threaten Pandora native Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) and her mate Jake Sully (Sam Worthington).

Avatar: The Way Of Water takes place over a decade after the original film which took place in 2154, (but was released in 2009). The newly released trailer shows glimpses of Jake and Neytiri cozying up as a family. Viewers are given a deeper look at the couple’s Na’vi children: Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), Lo’ak (Britain Dalton), Tuktirey (Trinity Bliss) and Kiri (Sigourney Weaver, returning to the franchise in a new role).

The trailer gives fans a taste of the impressive CGI we can expect in the 190 minute-long-film (three hours and ten minutes) including visually stunning ocean footage, which doubles to show off the impressive breath-holding skills of the film’s cast, who trained with specialists to be able to shoot extended takes of scenes underwater without coming to the surface for air for as long as six minutes at a time. In an interview with Variety last month, Saldaña revealed her personal record for holding her breath underwater was five minutes. New cast member Kate Winslet held her breath for seven minutes, while Weaver previously revealed she got up to six and a half minutes.

Winslet, Michelle Yeoh, Cliff Curtis, Joel David Moore, Edie Falco and Jemaine Clement are newcomers to the Avatar franchise and will be starring in the sequel.

In the first film (two hours 42 minutes), former Marine Jake Sully is recruited for a mission on Pandora, a distant moon where a corporate consortium is mining a rare mineral that is key to solving Earth’s energy crisis. To exist on Pandora, Jake must be reborn as an avatar, a remotely controlled biological body that can survive in the lethal air. After Neytiri, a female member of the Na’vi, the indigenous clan he was sent to infiltrate, saves Jake’s life, he finds himself drawn to the Na’vi’s ways. Soon, Jake becomes embroiled in a clash of civilizations and faces the ultimate test in a monumental battle that will decide the fate of an entire world.

Watch the trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water below:

Avatar: The Way of Water releases in theaters on December 16.

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