Getting on a flight to start a vacation in Hawaii sounds like a dream, right? Well if you found out everyone on the plane was given a ukulele!? Now it’s a nightmare!

Southwest Airlines gave every passenger a ukulele on a recent flight from California to Hawaii, and instructors ON the flight taught the passengers how to play the song “Hello, Aloha!  How Are You?”.


Dave & Chuck the Freak Celebrate 5 Years in Boston

ROCK 92.9 is so friggin’ proud to help Dave & Chuck the Freak celebrate 5 years on Boston radio!

They debuted July 24, 2017. Dave Hunter, Chuck the Freak, Lisa Way, Andy Green, James, Jason the Jew, and Al Beck have been waking you up on ROCK 92.9 every day since.

The show is real, brutally honest, and hilarious. You’ve embraced it by listening and calling in with your insane stories. And when they come to Boston, you’re right there. From their first after-work VIB meet-and-greet, to Peep Show Live to the .5K, thousands of you have met the show and told them how much they mean to you. And you’ve taught them a LOT about how we do it in Boston. They truly love meeting you, talking to you, and laughing along with you.

We’re so lucky to have them here at ROCK 92.9, and we’re so lucky to have YOU, the greatest listeners in Boston to help celebrate this 5 year milestone.

We’ve collected some sights, sounds, and stories from the past 5 years of Dave & Chuck the Freak in Boston.
These are moments specific to Boston and some of them might even be starring…you!

Enjoy the collection and thanks for listening to Dave & Chuck the Freak on ROCK 92.9.
Penis and Balls!

  • Penis Billboards

    The weekend before they came on in 2017, these billboards appeared all over Boston. No one knew what they meant…but they found out on Monday July 24 when Dave & Chuck made their debut on Boston radio.

    Penis Billboard

  • Reaction to the Penis Billboards

    The posts started coming in hot and heavy once the Penis billboards were up. This one said #funny.

    Penis Instagram post

    Penis billboard and tweet

  • More Penis Tweets

    This tweet thought the billboards were being hacked

    Tweet about Penis Billboard



    Tweet about penis billboard

    Not even sure if he saw it!

    Tweet about Penis billboard





  • Big Fun Billboard!

    Here’s another billboard displayed in Boston when Dave & Chuck the Freak launched.

    Billboard with woman

  • Massholes Welcome

    Another billboard that welcomed Dave & Chuck the Freak to Boston.

    Dave & Chuck massholes ad

  • Horny Uber Driver

    A mini Peep Show video about a Boston Uber driver that you may have seen on Facebook.

  • Weed Traffic

    Remember when the first weed shop opened in Mass?  You guys were there with traffic reports about Cultivate in Leicester.

  • Free Money Bitches!

    When Dave & Chuck did a video for ROCK Your Bank Account, with a little equipment failure.

  • Sin City Takeover

    The guys were off to Vegas for their Sin City Takeover. As they were packing, they encountered a little surprise only the Wolfpack could see coming.

  • .5K Workout Video

    Almost 1,000 of you showed up to the .5K in Fanueil Hall in 2019.  Here’s a workout video promoting the event.
    (Spoiler alert: we’re doing it again in October.  Stay tuned!!)

  • .5K Re-Cap Video

    And here are all of YOU at the .5K!  (Did we mention we’re doing it again in October??!!)

  • Stephen Colbert Roasts Dave & Chuck

    When an article about the fashion at the Emmy’s made fun of Stephen Colbert’s writers, he came after Dave & Chuck the Freak hard!  Watch the hilarious segment, where no one was spared.


  • Uncut

    The truth is Dave & Chuck have to be VERY careful about not swearing on the air.  But during the pandemic, they wondered what the show would sound like completely uncensored.  And here it is…Uncut!  An hour of topics and language they can’t do on the air. Obviously, very NSFW and NSF kids.

  • Peep Show Live 2022!

    As the pandemic turned to endemic, Dave & Chuck realized they hadn’t been to Boston since 2019. So they came to do Peep Show Live 2022 at Big Night Live. Almost 1,000 of you came out, shook their hands, gave them hugs, and showed them the love. Oh yeah, the following week at least 2 of them got COVID. Good times! Here’s a recap video.

  • Thank You Video From Dave & Chuck the Freak

    We can say it until we’re blue in the face, but we’ll let the guys say “Thank You” themselves.

  • Lady Named Josh

    If you watched the “Thank You” video above, you heard how Dave made a mistake with one of the first callers they got from Boston.  Behold “A Lady Named Josh.”

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