Robert Plant has a surprising thing in common now with the man on the iconic cover of Led Zeppelin IV.

The legendary singer talked about it in the latest episode of his podcast Digging Deep where Plant explores the stories behind various songs from his career. The latest episode finds Plant delving into “Bron-Yr-Stomp” from Led Zeppelin III. The track, of course, is a shout-out to the infamous Wales cottage where the majority of Led Zeppelin III was written and might just be one of the coolest songs ever to feature spoons and castanets.

Plant spent many summers during his youth at Bron-Yr-Aur, which has no electricity, with his family. As for what it was like to spend time there writing with Jimmy Page sans modern luxuries, Plant said, “It was fine; it was really good. It was a beautiful place and all those things were part of the bargain, and they remain so, too. You’re there for a reason and you’re just in it, so all that actually adds to it – the idea of going outside and bringing in kindling. All that stuff is part of the whole deal and remains so in my time now.”

Plant continued, “…In fact, the old guy with the sticks on his back on ‘Zeppelin IV’I’m now that guy! I pick up kindling everywhere I go and wrap it around with a piece of baling twine and shunt it on my back just in case anyone’s driving by, and they go, ‘There’s that bloke from the ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ album cover!”



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